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From: Cindy Boden

ZDF presenter Mitri Sirin (right) is shocked at the end of the news broadcast on live TV. © Screenshot: Peter Wittkamp/Twitter/ZDF

For ZDF presenter Sirin, it was not an error-free news program on Sunday evening. He stumbled twice, but was immediately praised for his “sympathetic” reaction.

Mainz – “That was just very funny”: This is one of many Twitter comments about a glitch in the “heute” news on ZDF on Sunday evening (January 23). At the end of the 7 p.m. show, moderator Mitri Sirin made a mishap that scared him himself. It was even the second little blunder in this show.

At first everything seemed to be going quite normally. Weather report, then the recommendation for the “heute journal” in the late evening and the words: “Have a nice Sunday evening, tomorrow a successful start into the new week, then with Jana Pareigis at this point. See you soon!” Sirin said goodbye. His hands then wandered to the pieces of paper on the desk, he looked down, he sorted his documents. It is not clear whether something caught his eye, whether he received a message on his ear or simply a flash of inspiration. But the colleague from the ZDF capital city studio, Theo Koll, appeared in the background and quietly waited for the transition to the next program.

ZDF moderator only notices forgotten transition after a few seconds

Then moderator Sirin also noticed that he wasn’t quite finished yet: “Oh, God, I forgot something,” he called into the camera, raised his hand apologetically and turned to Koll. “Quickly over to ‘berlin direct’. now and Theo Koll, sorry.”

“Thank you very much, we’ll jump right away,” Koll finally smiled. Incidentally, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach then defended the reduction of the recovered status on the show – but a lot of anger has built up in this regard in the past few days.

Two blunders on ZDF in “Today” news: moderator Sirin reacts on Twitter

But before that, Koll couldn’t help but go into Sirin’s second little mistake when he spoke of “jumping”. Because immediately after the greeting, Sirin said to his colleague in the studio: “Norbert König jumps – jumps is good too – brings us up to date in terms of sport”, the two laughed at the start.

Sirin commented on his “farewell spasm” himself on Twitter and posted the excerpt of the program. Colleague Dunja Hayali also picked up on the mishap: accidentally with laughter emojis and a heart emoji, she wrote: “The next round is on you, Mitri Sirin.”

ZDF moderator receives praise: “Real popular figure”

Otherwise, the ZDF moderator received a lot of praise for his “human” reaction on the social network. “It just happens, not bad” and “I like it when mistakes happen so undramatically,” it said. “And Mitri Sirin is a real popular figure who can still take it with humor,” praised another. Sirin has been the moderator of the 7 p.m. “Today” program since October 2021. (food)


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