Biden wants to nominate first black female supreme judge

“I think that’s long overdue,” Biden said Thursday at the White House. He has not yet made a decision on a specific candidate, but wants to announce the nomination before the end of February, the president said. His candidate will be a person of “outstanding qualifications”.

During the election campaign, Biden had already promised that if the president were vacant, he would nominate a black woman for the first time in US history as a judge on the Supreme Court. 83-year-old Stephen Breyer, the oldest current Supreme Court Justice, formally announced on Thursday that he intends to retire in the summer.

Senate must agree

For the first time in his tenure, Biden will have the opportunity to fill one of the nine most influential seats on the court. The Senate must approve Biden’s nomination. The personnel would not change anything about the conservative majority at the court, but would still be of great political importance.

Ex-President Donald Trump and his Senate Republicans were able to place three Supreme Court justices during Trump’s tenure, which is why six of the nine justices are currently considered conservative. Breyer is attributed to the liberal camp. He was once nominated by Democratic President Bill Clinton.

With its decisions on particularly controversial issues such as abortion, immigration or same-sex marriages, the US Supreme Court repeatedly sets the course for society. The nine judges are appointed for life. Their selection is therefore a highly competitive political process.

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