Casado insists on implementing the Austrian backpack with European funds to “end unemployment”




The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, today advocated using European funds to launch the ‘Austrian backpack’ which, as he explained, is “an employment piggy bank with part of your salary and part of what the employer pays, that you can take with you if you change jobs or are fired or that can be used to improve your retirement” and that “it has not been done because it requires about 10,000 million euros for its application”, despite the fact that it would allow “to put an end to the problems of patronage and unemployment”.

An initiative with which “Europe, the Bank of Spain and even Nadia Calviño agree” and that would allow “solving the unemployment problem and getting rid of problems both in the labor market and with the real disaster of European funds.”

In this sense, Pablo Casado emphasized that “it would be better to use 10,000 million euros to that 20 years from now they hire many people, especially young people and women, to be giving a million to digitize archives of the Civil War or another million for union headquarters ».

The “employment piggy bank” is an essential condition for the Popular Party to give its support to the labor reform, together with “not repealing the parts of the 2012 labor reform that many organizations claim in terms of flexibility, sectoral agreements, not demonizing temporality and fight against precariousness».

However, Casado lamented that the Government “is not for that work” while the PP “has no responsibility” because “it has not been given a candle at the funeral” by “not having deigned to ask what it thought in nine months of negotiation”.

Active Population Survey

The president of the PP also alluded to the latest data from the Active Population Survey and assured that these are due to the fact that “more than 200,000 civil servant positions», which means that we continue to have the same macroeconomic problem «as always» due to «a problem of competitiveness and productivity» since «there is a Government that dedicates the public budget to makeup statistics».

Faced with this, “happy for the people who have found work” despite the fact that “private employment has not recovered”, Casado pointed out that “the solution” to these problems lies in “lowering taxes” because “if a country has problems of employment and economic growth it does not seem very prudent to raise them ».

For Casado, “half of the ministries are left over, half of the advisers are left over, half of the obstacles to entrepreneurship, the quotas for the self-employed and half of what Sánchez does”, while “what is needed” is that «official Spain does the same as people in the real economy, which is tighten your belt against inflation record, a rise in light record and an unemployment situation above Europe.

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