Committee in the EU Parliament recommends lifting immunity

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Jörg Meuthen, federal chairman of the AfD (archive image) © Christoph Soeder/dpa

There could be criminal investigations against Jörg Meuthen. At least one committee in the European Parliament voted to lift his immunity. But that’s just a first step.

Brussels – Criminal investigations against AfD* MEP Jörg Meuthen are approaching. The responsible committee in the EU Parliament voted with a large majority on Thursday to lift the parliamentary immunity of the AfD co-boss, as the German Press Agency learned from parliamentary circles on Thursday. Previously, the news portal t-online reported.

The background is therefore investigations into the AfD donation affair. Before Meuthen actually loses its immunity, the plenary session of parliament still has to approve the step in February. As a rule, it follows the recommendations of the committee.

Committee recommends: lift Meuthen’s immunity – “made a fuss about nothing”

Parliamentary immunity protects MPs from criminal investigations. In order to be able to initiate proceedings, the Attorney General’s Office had to t-online applied for repeal at the EU Parliament*. According to the portal, Meuthen is relaxed about the procedure. “There’s a lot of fuss about nothing,” quoted t-online the AfD chairman. “When the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin finally investigates, it will quickly become apparent how completely baseless the allegations are.” (dpa/cibo) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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