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The headquarters of the Academy today brought together some of the most important performers of Spanish cinema: Javier Bardem, louis tosar, Eduard Fernández Y Javier Gutierrez. The four compete for the best actor award at the 36th edition of the
Goya Awards
, which will be held on February 12 in Valencia. Between the four they accumulate a total of 37 nominations in the interpretive categories and all of them have won the award on more than one occasion. Bardem, the most successful Spanish actor, has something to say about the awards: «One job is not comparable to another. Any approach to an artistic expression is a subjective approach. There are some gentlemen who think that you have done something that is more worthwhile than someone else’s.

It is an opinion but making a banner of that does not make sense. But, obviously, when you do a job and see that it is well received, it gives a lot of joy».

With the 13th nomination of his career, achieved thanks to ‘Mediterranean’, Eduard Fernández has been placed to a candidacy of the actor with more presences in the Goya: Anthony of the Tower. Fernández does not believe in competition between actors either: «It is true that when you are nominated, you are very happy. And when not, you get sad or bad host. But whenever culture is mixed with sport, you have to receive it with a certain humor and a lot of sportsmanship. In ‘Mediterráneo’, Fernández gives life to Òscar Camps, founder of
Open Arms
: «I was very interested in Òscar Camps and his work. When I was told about the possibility of making a film about Open Arms, I was afraid it would be a pamphlet. But when I read the script, I saw that it was about the beginning, when he was a lifeguard in Badalona and he decides to go to Greece, and I think that seeing that trip was interesting. It was about trying to bring that reality closer to fiction so that people would become aware of what it is».

Javier Gutierrez, nominated for
‘The daughter’
, claimed to feel like “a stone guest. We are Chekhov’s three sisters and a distant cousin.” Not surprisingly, he is the one with the fewest nominations of the quartet (five) but he can already boast of having won “the big head” twice thanks to ‘The minimal island’ Y ‘The author’. “I feel privileged and my prize is to be here sharing this talk and on February 12 in Valencia enjoying these three titans,” he says. Gutierrez maintains that ‘Champions’ It will always be the most important film he has made: «Cinema is entertainment and fun but it is also there to make important and interesting films that are attached to reality and that are a reflection of society. ‘Champions’ in that aspect was very important because we have never known how to deal with disability».

Luis Tosar has achieved his ninth Goya nomination this year, an award he has already won three times. In ‘Maixabel’ plays the ETA
Ibón Etxezarreta
, one of the murderers of Juan Maria Jauregui. «It was a very delicate project, where we worked with sensitive material with protagonists who exist and who have witnessed what we have done. But on the other hand, we have had the real protagonists to tell us first-hand how things went and that does not always happen, “he says. This is how Tosar remembers the filming of the key scene of the film, the first meeting of Ibón and Maixabel, which was also the first time that it coincided with
White Portillo
: «I remember that day as the most special day I have ever experienced shooting a movie. A liturgy was mounted, a ceremonial with that moment that was going to happen. When I was heading towards the set, the people from the team who were passing me told me: ‘Good luck’, with a transcendence that already placed you in a very special place. I was sitting waiting and Blanca came in. I swear I had a Marian vision, because I saw Maixabel enter, not Blanca. It was brutal.”

Javier Bardem has been nominated for a Goya 12 times and has accumulated six awards (four as leading actor, one as supporting actor and another in the category of best documentary).
‘The good boss’

marks his third collaboration with
Fernando Leon de Aranoa
: «It is a luxury to work with Fernando. He is a great writer and a great director and also a great editor, who is fundamental in cinema. That gives me peace of mind to try things because I know he has a very good eye. It happens to me that when you work with someone unknown, I play it safer. And that ends up affecting work for the worse.

Bardem drew from many different sources to create his character in ‘The Good Boss’: «My inspiration came from the text. When I read Fernando’s script, my body reacted chemically. I saw colors, possibilities, lights, nuances… A good text has that. In my case there was a bit of observation of some more or less famous characters. I also remembered a lot about a boss I had when I worked in a bar who was a bit of a bastard and treated us badly but never lost his smile. So it’s a mix of things that happened to me and things that I recognize in others. But it is one more job of following the text, and the text says that he is a loved, admired, feared uncle, with a great sense of humor, talkative, populist, popular… come on, King Juan Carlos». Before this statement, Javier Gutiérrez replied: “And with this we end the talk.” “And my career,” Bardem added with a laugh.

On February 12 we will know who of these four men wins the Goya for best actor.

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