Corona rules – Other universities will be using 2G from the summer semester

After the University of Klagenfurt, the Vienna University of Economics and Business has also announced that it will implement the 2G rule in the future. Since mid-November, only students and employees with a vaccination or recovery certificate have been allowed access to the Carinthian University, and WU will follow suit with the summer semester starting in March. And even among the 16 private universities, 2G is becoming an issue, at least for new enrollments.

In return for the introduction of the 2G rule, all courses and examinations at the University of Economics and Business (WU) are to be held in attendance from this point in time. There will be no compensation or online offers for those who have not been vaccinated, only the possibility of a semester-long leave of absence. In response, FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl called for Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger to be dismissed. “Throwing a beating between the legs with this senseless 2G rule to these young people who are starting their professional careers with a degree is absolutely unacceptable.”

The University of Vienna continues to accept PCR tests

At the largest university in the country, the University of Vienna, 2.5G will also apply in the coming semester, the university said at the request of the APA. In addition to vaccination and recovery certificates, PCR tests will continue to be accepted.

Most recently, the university senates and the Austrian Union of Students (ÖH) have campaigned for a uniform 2G regulation at the universities and appealed to Education Minister Martin Polaschek (ÖVP) to agree on such a requirement. However, there is no further need for action in his department: With the 2nd Covid-19 Higher Education Act, there is a legal framework as a guideline for the autonomous universities, which have had a functioning university system for almost two years with their individual security concepts and different teaching and learning models. and ensure university operations, it said at the request of the APA. In any case, the central goal of all interest groups is the safest possible university operation in presence, which enables the smoothest possible progress in studies. The university conference (Uniko) will deal with the topic next week.

At the private universities there is also no uniform line in terms of vaccination requirements, but some are also discussing tightening them up. However, this only affects new enrollments, i.e. first-year students. According to the spokesman for the Austrian Private University Conference (ÖPUK), Karl Wöber, it is not possible to intervene in existing contracts with the students. At the Modul University he heads, for example, a vaccination or recovery certificate will be required from the summer semester upon enrollment, according to Wöber, similar regulations are also being considered at other private universities. The 2.5G rule, which also accepts PCR tests, will continue to apply to students and employees who are already enrolled at the Modul University.

There is a common line in the ÖPUK in the demand for politicians to have transparent vaccination rules for international students, who make up a large part of those enrolled in private universities. “We expect adequate regulations for the recognition of vaccinations that are currently not approved in Austria,” she said. (apa)

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