Criticism of ‘On a dock in Normandy’: The infiltrated assistant



Son of his time and of his parents, important people, the French Emmanuel Carrere He is a total author and the last Princess of Asturias Award for Literature. ‘On a dock in Normandy’ It does not come from a novel of hers, but from a book by the French journalist Florence Aubenas, which tells the adventure of a writer who decides to write about the precariousness of the labor market with knowledge, after suffering it in her flesh.

A Juliette Binoche make-up removed gives life to this kind of undercover boss, a little along Gunter Wallraff, German journalist cousin of Mortadelo who caused a sensation with his reports in what today seems to us the Middle Ages of Journalism. Or the Renaissance. In reality, dressing up as a poor man to prove hunger is a much older resource, which in the cinema gave rise to a work as fabulous as ‘Sullivan’s Travels’.

If anyone is curious, you can see it on Filmin.

To the point: Binoche pretends to be someone she is not to get a closer look at what it is like to dive into the labor market where it covers the least. The movie has a descriptive and aseptic tone, almost journalistic, always interesting. The story evolves gradually until it reaches a roundabout, while the protagonist learns that scrubbing toilets is better than making beds and makes her first friends in the ‘world’.

excesses of journalism

When it becomes reflective, the story loses some of its punch. We can cite the Uncertainty Principle here and suffer the same evil, but doesn’t investigating it so closely change reality? Isn’t it a betrayal to keep lying to your new friends to sell more books, partly at their expense? She herself doubts, although blessed are her possible excesses in pursuit of the truth, along with other vices that are seen daily.

For the rest, the actresses are all magnificent, the star and the most anonymous, and even some spectators may be a little more sensitive to the work of invisible people the next time they clean their office or go on a cruise, like that the film ‘Hierve’ put on the table the daily struggle of the employees of a restaurant.

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