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With the life counter pointing to the celebration of his 88th birthday, the flame of illusion is more alive than ever in the spirit of Bartolo Romero, a fan that everyone knows, loves and respects in Guijuelo. Neither the winter cold at this time of year nor the bone-chilling humidity in this area of ​​Salamanca stop a fan who goes to the Municipal Stadium every Sunday since moving to a town in the mid-1980s that this season boasts proudly of his team. The campaign is turning out to be exciting for a veteran fan who goes from celebration to celebration in each League match. Of the 573 teams that make up the first five categories of Spanish football, the one coached by Mario Sanchez is, next to Osasuna affiliate, the the only one that at this point in the course is still undefeated.

«The key to the team’s good work is the locker room. We are healthy, hard-working people and we have a clear objective. Everyone goes out to every training session and every game to eat the grass with the aim of reaching May and being able to promote to Second RFEF as group leaders, “he says. Albert Martinez. He defends the goal and is a fundamental part of the success that the CD Guijuelo, a club that has been forced to reinvent itself after being relegated last season. After fifteen years playing in Second B, the entity from Salamanca lost the category, dropping two categories at once due to the restructuring undertaken by the RFEF in Spanish football. «That a team of a
town of just over 5,000 inhabitants
remained three decades in a row in the bronze division has great merit, “they explain to ABC from the club, which has the support of the meat and pork industry installed in this municipality. A group that throughout its history has been defended by numerous footballers who ended up triumphing in the elite. One of the last, the midfielder Louis Milla, son of the former Barcelona or Real Madrid player, now under the command of Robert Moreno at Granada.

Alberto Martínez, Guijuelo goalkeeper
Alberto Martínez, Guijuelo goalkeeper – @TheBeer95

After 17 days, CD Guijuelo leads its group in the Third RFEF with ten wins and seven draws. In the statistics of this team, in which most of its players combine football with studies or work, there are nine goals against. “I am studying a pharmacy degree and I also train the goalkeepers of the club’s youth team,” he details. Alberto Martinez, who arrived last summer at the goal of the team he trains Mario Sanchez, a technician with whom he had coincided in the Castilla y León team. “Obviously, the budget in the current category is less than in Second B, but we have the support of more than a hundred sponsors. The objective is to be able to finish first in the group to ascend directly and avoid the playoffs, where you can have two bad afternoons and lose the opportunity to go up despite having made a great campaign, “they assure from the entity.

A group with roots in the town and with fans as loyal as Bartolo Romero, souvenir collector of the history of the club and also of the shirts that the players have been defending since they became members of a team that in recent years has made national news for its striking ‘elastic ham holders’. This veteran fan enjoys the goals of the first team every Sunday, but he doesn’t miss the cadet games either, where one of his grandchildren defends the goal while watching with admiration and dreams of one day being able to occupy the position of Alberto Martínez.

“Here I am happy. To the Guijuelo I came from Astorga, having a good year at the group level. We got into the playoff as second, we were the least scored team in the group, but in the end we did not get promotion, “he recalls. Alberto Martinez, who has defended the goals of clubs with the Gymnastic Torrelavega, the Linense Football, with which he debuted in Second B, the Almazán or Palencia Cristo Atlético.

Of the 573 teams that compete in the first five categories of Spanish football (from the First Division to the Third RFEF), only the fOsasuna branch, a team trained by Santi Castillejo, remains, like Guijuelo, still undefeated this season. An immaculate streak that Navarre and Salamanca will try to extend the next day.

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