Hamburg police ban again Corona demonstration

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The police in Hamburg have banned a demonstration against the corona measures planned for next Saturday. © Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

Without masks, no willingness to cooperate on the part of the organizers – in view of the pandemic situation, the police in Hamburg have now prohibited a planned demonstration against the corona measures.

Hamburg – The Hamburg police have banned a demonstration scheduled for next Saturday by 11,000 opponents of the Corona measures. Police spokesman Holger Vehren named infection protection as the main reason on Thursday.

The applicant, an association, put the demo under the motto “Against the mask requirement and other corona measures” and made it clear that it wanted to hold the demonstration around the Binnenalster without masks. He also did not show himself willing to cooperate in talks, Vehren told the German Press Agency.

In view of the pandemic situation, a meeting with 11,000 participants without masks is not possible, said Vehren. Two weeks ago, a large demonstration by opponents of the vaccination and corona measures, for which up to 15,000 people were expected in the city center, was banned for reasons of infection control. Nevertheless, around 3,000 people later gathered around the Kunsthalle, mostly without masks and distance. When they refused to leave the square, the police pushed the demonstrators away, some using physical force; there were occasional fisticuffs.

The applicant had filed an urgent application with the administrative court against the ban on the demonstration two weeks ago and failed. There was no possible complaint to the Hamburg Higher Administrative Court. The applicant for the now banned demo has also announced that it intends to take legal action, said Vehren. According to a court spokesman, there was still no corresponding application by the demo applicants against the ban at the administrative court on Thursday afternoon. dpa

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