Hic-hack about easing in trade and gastro

Vienna City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) welcomed the federal government’s decision on corona measures on Thursday – i.e. the lifting of the lockdown for the unvaccinated and the retention of restrictions in trade, gastronomy and events. Vorarlberg’s head of state Markus Wallner (ÖVP), on the other hand, called for a quick end to 2G, Salzburg’s LH Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) spoke out in favor of 3G in retail. Both require a later curfew.

“I support this decision,” Hacker said in an interview with journalists about the government’s actions. If you do not want another lockdown in the areas mentioned, then protective measures such as 2G make sense, said the city council. These would prevent an excessively high infection rate, which in turn could lead to closures. That’s why he thinks the decision of the federal government is “very understandable”.

Wallner and Haslauer took a different view: The thesis that infections with the omicron variant of the corona virus take a milder course is confirmed every day. That is why it is important to give the population and the economy a perspective, said Wallner, current chairman of the APA state governors’ conference. He named three measures that must be continued in the ongoing pandemic: the obligation to wear masks, the obligation to vaccinate and also the 3G rule in the workplace. In his opinion, this is sufficient, “the rest can be eliminated quickly”. According to Wallner, if the current trend continues, 2G should be abolished as soon as possible. For retailers, every day with 2G is a “day lost”.

According to Haslauer, trade and body-related service providers should be accessible again for the unvaccinated if they can show a current negative test result – i.e. 3G, said the head of government at a press conference. “Both groups (vaccinated and unvaccinated, note) can become infected, both groups are also infectious. And both occupy the normal wards in the hospitals. I therefore no longer think the restrictions on unvaccinated people are politically justified,” said the governor.

As far as the curfew is concerned, at 10 p.m. it poses a “huge problem” for the catering trade – not least also in winter tourism. Since the hours up to 11 p.m. are basically the same guests, it is possible to move them back now responsible. Wallner put it even more sharply: “The curfew regulation is nonsense.” In his eyes, this should be abolished immediately, “preferably today”.

Hackers justified the currently high number of infections in Vienna with late reports. He reported on a round of talks between the state health officers and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) on Wednesday. There it was reported that the programming error in the epidemiological reporting system (EMS) had been sought and found.

The cases have now been reported. That also explains today’s peak value (more than 14,000, note) of new infections in Vienna, Hacker explained. 6,000 late registrations from the past few days are taken into account. In a recent letter to Mückstein, Hacker complained that the data had been idle for several days and that, in his opinion, the cleaning up of the data was taking too long.


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