“High point until mid-February”: Expert Klimek thinks 2G makes sense

Yesterday Chancellor Karl Nehammer (VP) and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) announced that the lockdown for unvaccinated people would expire on Monday. However, because the existing 2G rule remains in place at the same time, the exit restriction will become a strict access restriction. Unvaccinated people are still not allowed to go to restaurants, sports facilities, cultural institutions and shop – apart from essential things. The government argues that this is necessary because of the high number of infections. However, social partners, FPÖ and Neos called for the 2G restriction to be lifted, at least for retailers and service providers close to the body. >> The reactions in detail

Complexity researcher Peter Klimek however, considers that maintaining these measures makes sense. The peak of the omicron wave has not yet been reached – and therefore there is still no “time for the all-clear”, said Klimek in the “ZiB2”. The “peak” is not expected until mid-February at the latest; only then do you have more leeway. But one can certainly hope that the hospitals will not be overburdened this time. However, this is only because Austria still has protective measures. There would be no threat of such high numbers as in other countries without measures.

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However, if you open everything “irresponsibly” now, you risk quickly reaching the capacity limits of the hospitals. In any case, it makes sense to be loud Klimekto maintain the gastro curfew at 10 p.m. Such a contribution to the reduction of infection – by about 15 percent, as seen in previous waves. In addition, studies have shown that trade does contribute to the infection process – and unvaccinated significantly more than vaccinated. So one could argue that measures depend on the immunization status – i.e. that 2G continues to apply in retail, gastronomy and the cultural sector.

However, some politicians are very dissatisfied with this: ending the lockdown for the unvaccinated does not actually bring back any freedom to those affected, stressed FPÖ boss Kickl on Wednesday. Everything that unvaccinated people are then allowed to do is “a walk without having to give a reason”. “The end of the lockdown for the unvaccinated next Monday is a step that is long overdue – but this can only be the beginning, because this measure alone is a mockery for the people affected.”


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