Laporta denounces Bartomeu before the Prosecutor’s Office




Joan Laporta will present next Tuesday the results of the ‘forensic’ (internal investigation carried out within a company to clarify certain matters such as possible cases of fraud, corruption, cash outflows, misappropriation, accounting manipulation, unfair competition, conflict of interest or other types of illegal practices internal or unethical) in charge after taking office. The president and his directors have investigated possible irregularities during the mandate of the previous board of directors, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu. At the press conference, the president will explain the reasons why he has already filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office. «On Tuesday, February 1, the results of the forensic investigation work will be publicly presented, which began as a result of the Financial Due Diligence, with the aim of detecting possible irregularities in the management of the club during the last presidential term.

Likewise, the actions already initiated by the club will be reported, consisting of the presentation of a complaint before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona for facts that derive from the conclusions of the ‘forensic’ investigation. The presentation, which will be held at the Auditori 1899 from 11:00 a.m., will be given by the president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta», explained the Catalan club in a statement.

This decision by Laporta brings the club to court again and reopens old wounds between the lawyer and Bartomeu. It is true that the president tried to calm the waters after coming to power and asked the partners to approve all the numbers despite the numerous losses so that the club would not be paralyzed and could continue operating. However, the public appearances of the leader, the attending partners were very critical and requested that they purge responsibilities Until the last consequences. “When we have the conclusions, we will decide what the most appropriate actions are. The legal services will be the ones that say if it is criminal or not. What we see irregular we do investigate. If it is a crime or not, the legal services will say. We have detected signs but there was a lot of lack of documentation,” he explained last October. Ferran Reverter, CEO of Barcelona.

Bartomeu, for his part, is not worried at all. According to TV3, the former president feels “calm” and he trusts all his colleagues on the Board, ruling out that none have been able to highlight any irregularity. According to the regional channel, Bartomeu believes that it is a meaningless, childish and unserious statement generated solely “to make noise.”

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