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Federico Fellini’s erotic and satirical drawings go up for auction

It has aroused great interest, especially among cinephiles and lovers of Federico Fellini (Rimini, 1920 – Rome, 1993), the auction of a collection of eight satirical character drawings and irreverent, with marked tone erotic, from the great director of ‘Dolce Vita’, ‘Amarcord’ and ‘8½’. But the Ministry of Culture has notified that this series of sketches, in pencil on paper, are from outstanding cultural interest and cannot be exported or sold separately at the Bertolami Fine Art ‘Autographs & Memorabilia’ auction scheduled for this Thursday at 3:00 p.m. in Rome.

This was the auction of Manolete’s legacy: the fund of swords triples its price

“Sir, we don’t deserve it,” whispered a man who, without a doubt, had read Agustín de Foxá. That was the phrase exclaimed by ‘the last of the Philippines’ from the Las Ventas line after the madness unleashed by Manolete with the slaughter of the bull ‘Ratón’ by Pinto Barreiros. Once again the majesty of the Monster from Cordoba -The Monster’ on New York posters- flooded the arena, this time that of the Madrilenian ‘plaza ‘Ansorena. An important legacy of Manuel Rodríguez was going up for auction: a dress of pure lights and gold, two capes, a pair of crutches and a set of swords, authentic relics for those in love with the legend of the IV Caliph. And it was the fundon in which the biggest one chewed hand in hand, on the phone the bid. Of the six thousand euros of departure to the 19,000 finals (you have to add 22% more). “Awarded!”, settled with the hammer. Next to the image of the leather foundation -a “very special” gift that Manolete was given in his time-, a work by Sorolla shone, ‘Gypsy in a garden’, an oil painting that went from 60,000 to 140,000.

The Spanish legacy in Puerto Rico, a bond of belonging between nations

The connection between Spain and Puerto Rico goes far beyond sharing a history and a language, it is a bond of belonging that has been felt throughout the trip to the city of San Juan de don philip, who said goodbye to the capital remembering that these ties must serve “to promote; to celebrate, but also to promote; to look to the past, but also to the future. And in that future, always count on the support of Spain, with our love; the same one that I am grateful for this visit, as it has been on each previous occasion».

Elizabeth Strout: “I have always been interested in the lives of ordinary people”

There are literary characters so well constructed, so wonderfully real in their pure fiction, that one would like them to go beyond the limits of the page and accompany you for a while in their flesh and blood version, or for a lifetime. But, of course, not everyone is like that, and they are not to blame either, poor things. They are always in the hands of their creators, they depend on them. And there are writers who have a gift, added to the one that allows them to give us invented realities, to shape their protagonists. Elizabeth Strout (Portland, Maine, 1956) is one of them.

Benigno Pendás: “Spain owes a historic debt to moderation”

Professor of Political Science at the CEU San Pablo University and lawyer of the Cortes, Benigno Pendas (Barcelona, ​​1956) was elected last December as the new president of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, the House in charge of “thinking out loud about the great issues that matter to Spanish society.” Regular contributor to ABC’s Tercera and vice president of the institution with Miguel Herrero de Miñon, the first steps of his mandate for the 2022-2024 triennium coincide with his entry into the Council of State, which today celebrates his inaugural speech.

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