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A 35-year-old mother gives birth to quadruplets in five minutes at the Elche General Hospital

A 35-year-old mother has given birth quadruplets in a labor that lasted only five minutes at the General University Hospital of Elche. The happy outcome of the birth occurred last Saturday, January 22, between 9:10 p.m. and 9:15 p.m., and the two girls and the two boys weighed less than two kilos. Now, they are progressing favorably in the neonatal ICU, which is a reference in the departments of Orihuela, Torrevieja, Vinalopó and IMED.

A daughter of Botín, investigated as a possible victim of fraud after acquiring an Iberian sculpture

It all started with the ‘Harmakhis’ operation in 2018, an investigation by the National Police on the trade in works looted by Daesh in Libya, which resulted in the arrest of two Catalan antique dealers. This was followed by the accusation of Paloma Botín, daughter of the deceased banker, for the acquisition of a piece from the same individuals: a sculpture of an Iberian lioness from the 6th century BC, that came from the looting of an archaeological site between Córdoba and Jaén. Now, the same court that investigated her considers that she could have been scammed.

The Catalan Parliament pardons women convicted of witchcraft between the 15th and 18th centuries

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, Catalonia was one of the most active European regions in the persecution of witchcraft, and it is estimated that during that period no less than 700 women were executed for this reason: some burned at the stake –the least, because it is a more expensive method–, the majority hanged after being tortured. More than two centuries after that massacre, the Catalan Parliament has decided that it was time to do justice and proceed to a kind of pardon on those women, urging to recover their memory, honor them if the city councils decide by naming squares and streets, and leading their cause, in a broomstick spin full of spell, to the cause of the feminist struggle. After years discussing the ‘procés’, a notable advance.

The Provincial Court of Madrid reopens the investigation into the death of the elderly in residences

The Provincial Court of Madrid has reopened the case that investigates the death of the elderly in several residences in Leganés during the first wave of the pandemic and that was dismissed in July. The complaints, filed by relatives of the residents, affected the Aralia Servicios Sociosanitary Parque de los Frailes, Amavir-El Encinar, Vitalia and Domus Vi Leganés centers, as well as their directors and some political leaders of the Community of Madrid, among whom are the president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the Minister of Health Enrique Ruiz Escudero and the Minister of the Interior and Justice Enrique López.

Coronavirus Valencia today: Ximo Puig appears to announce the new restrictions and the extension of the covid passport

The only survivor of the Adeje crime disassembles his father: “He hit her with a stone”

The only survivor of the crime of Adeje, named Jonas and barely 8 years old at the time of the events, has claimed to see his father attack his mother with a stone and climb on top of her, for which fled from the place scared fearing for his life.

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