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Corona vaccination and the female cycle: minor changes in menstruation © AndreyPopov/

A corona vaccination can have an effect on the female cycle, but the fluctuations are small and temporary.

Frankfurt/Main – This is the conclusion of an overview article in the specialist journal BMJ. The reproductive medicine specialist Victoria Male from Imperial College London has looked at studies from the USA and Norway, among others.

In the US study, thousands of women’s periods were monitored for six cycles using a period app. 2,400 of the almost 4,000 subjects were vaccinated, the rest were unvaccinated. The first dose had no effect on menstrual bleeding. After the second dose, the period came half a day later on average.

The delay was greatest in the 358 women who received both vaccinations within the same cycle – impossible according to the German vaccination scheme. They started bleeding more than two days later. Within this group, it lasted significantly longer for eleven percent. In all women, this normalized after two cycles.

In the other study, 5,688 Norwegian women were asked whether they noticed any changes before or after vaccination. 38 percent reported irregularities before vaccination, 39 percent after the first dose, 41 percent after the second injection. The most common change reported was heavier bleeding.

“The results of both studies provide certainty,” summarizes Male: “Changes in menstruation occur after vaccination, but they are small compared to natural fluctuations and quickly disappear.” According to Male, the fact that this is an issue at all is due to the refuted misinformation that corona vaccinations are supposed to make people infertile. (dpa)

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