Madrid asks the minister by letter for economic compensation for the Metro electricity bill




The unstoppable rise in electricity bills not only harms domestic users; it is affecting, and a lot, the accounts of a transport company such as the Madrid Metro. This firm, along with 14 other Spanish operators that manage the suburban, train and tram networks in different cities, have sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport asking it to articulate economic compensation mechanisms that mitigate the losses they are suffering on account of some skyrocketed electricity rates.

The Community claims this aid by letter when it has gone from paying 120,000 euros per day for its electricity bill in the Metro, to more than double: 260,000 euros per day. In the letter sent, among others, by the Ministry of Transport that directs David Perez, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda is reminded, Rachel Sanchez that the underground is “an essential sector for the smooth running of the economy, which ensures the mobility of workers”.

The signatories of the letter are several transport operators integrated into the Association of Urban and Metropolitan Public Transport (ATUC). They ask the minister to articulate “financial compensation mechanisms that help alleviate the losses caused by the rise in electricity prices and thus guarantee the provision of these services normally, as well as their maximum quality and efficiency”, sources from the Madrid Ministry of Transport explain.

The counselor David Pérez has pointed out that, as he already announced in the Madrid Assembly, “the companies that manage these services in the different autonomous communities ask the Executive for aid to alleviate the increase in the electricity bill.” Pérez insists that “the Community of Madrid is not alone in this claim”, as seen in the 14 operators that accompany this petition to “be able to continue guaranteeing the free movement of citizens.”

Public transport is suffering a double punishment: that of the rising prices of the energies that move them, on the one hand, and the decrease in income due to the number of travellers, which have visibly decreased since the pandemic began, and have not yet been the same as before Covid-19.

“Since the month of May we have seen the price of electricity multiply by five,” recalls Pérez, who also adds “the current uncertainty of the electricity market, which continues with a strong price volatility, which has a direct impact on the forecasts currently made in the final figures for energy costs for the accounts for the coming years».

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