Mysterious cash flows – ex-FPÖ politician convicted of making false statements

The former FPÖ-EU MP Barbara Kappel has had to answer to the Vienna Criminal Court for making false statements. She had stated that she received a donation from a businessman at the end of 2018 and forwarded it to the then party leader Heinz-Christian Strache. In fact, this was intended for the FPÖ MP Andreas Karlsböck, she admitted. Kappel got a diversion and has to pay a fine of 2500 euros.

At the request of the APA, the regional criminal court confirmed the decision for a diversion. Kappel had pleaded guilty before the judge. Three money envelopes received from a Bulgarian entrepreneur Specifically, it was about her statement to the Federal Criminal Police Office in October 2019. There she told the investigators that she had received three money envelopes from a Bulgarian entrepreneur. The envelopes, which were filled with 55,000 euros, were intended for Strache, she said at the time. In fact, she gave it to Karlsböck, who has since died. When asked why she had kept this secret, Kappel said, according to “Kurier”, that Karlsböck was already very ill and “traumatized” at the time, since allegations had been made against him had been raised, which had cost him his seat in the National Council.

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