News in the morning – News of January 27, 2022 – Politics

The most important thing about the corona virus

More than 200,000 new infections. The Robert Koch Institute reports a daily value of a good 203,000 and a seven-day incidence of 1017 – both are new highs. England lifts almost all corona measures. Health Minister Lauterbach also wants to enforce the convalescent status, which has been reduced to three months, throughout Europe. To the Corona reports

The faces of the pandemic. The first corona case in Germany was confirmed two years ago this Thursday. Until then, hardly anyone knew Christian Drosten, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, Viola Priesemann or Hendrik Streeck. Now they are ubiquitous. An overview of the people who have accompanied Germany through the past two years of the epidemic. To the article (SZ Plus)

Denmark abolishes corona restrictions. Despite an incidence of more than 4000, the government plans to reopen. She argues with high vaccination numbers and falling hospital admissions. Critics consider the move premature. Go to Article

What is important today

US Federal Reserve wants to end zero interest rate policy “soon”. To combat inflation, the Fed intends to gradually raise interest rates this year while slowly reducing its bloated holdings of securities. In her history she has never dared an attempt of this magnitude. The experts are accordingly divided as to whether companies, banks, citizens and financial markets can cope with this or whether there will be an economic downturn, unemployment and price falls. Go to Article

NATO and USA reject Russian demands. The western allies reject new security agreements. As requested, they have now sent this to the government in Moscow in writing. At the same time, they continue to offer a dialogue. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg makes concrete proposals to improve relations, such as talks on disarmament. Go to Article

Cities reclaim right of first refusal on real estate. After the previous law was overturned by the Federal Administrative Court in November, the mayors of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are urging the traffic light coalition to introduce new regulations soon. In certain cases, they want to forestall private investors when buying apartment buildings. But the FDP is reluctant. Go to Article

Heidelberg gunman bought guns in Austria. Among other things, the 18-year-old probably got the shotgun a week before the crime, and the police also found another weapon in a room he had rented. The motives and background of the act are still unclear, so far there is no evidence of a personal connection to the victims, the investigators say. Go to Article

Thailand worried about new oil spill Around 160,000 liters of crude oil have spilled into the sea from a pipeline leak in Rayong province, which is popular with tourists. The oil slick is now threatening the Samet Archipelago Nature Reserve. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

best things

The Museum at the End of the World. Humanity longs for normality – and is getting it in a place where nothing is normal: in the form of the reopening of a special museum in the middle of the South Atlantic. Go to Article

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