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Cardinal Marx calls for fundamental reform of the Church. In response to the Munich abuse report, the Archbishop says he made mistakes himself. He wants to remain in office for the time being, but is not sticking to it. Marx announces a comprehensive enlightenment: “Anyone who still denies systemic causes and opposes a necessary reform of the church in attitude and structures has not understood the challenge.” Prelate Lorenz Wolf, who is heavily incriminated in the report, has announced that he will relinquish all his offices. Go to Article

Federal government defends its Ukraine course. The traffic light coalition is trying to justify its cautious role in the crisis. The newly elected CDU chairman Merz attacks the government and accuses Chancellor Scholz of leadership weakness: There should be no doubt about the German and European determination. But these doubts exist. Go to Article

Holocaust survivors warns in the Bundestag. On the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Inge Auerbacher warns against forgetting and trivializing today’s anti-Semitism. “Unfortunately, this cancer has resurrected and hatred of Jews is commonplace again in many countries around the world, including Germany. This disease must be cured as quickly as possible.” The President of the Israeli Parliament, Mickey Levy, praises the cooperation with Germany and emphasizes that the warning of the Holocaust is: “Never again, never again!” Go to Article

Deutsche Bank wants to pay out money to shareholders for the first time in years. The money house announced that 700 million euros should go to shareholders via share buybacks and dividends. For 2021, the group profit after deductions is 3.8 billion euros. It is less pleasing that the European banking supervisory authority is investigating allegations against the CEO of the fund subsidiary DWS, Asoka Wöhrmann, according to SZ information. The focus is on questionable transactions and the use of a private e-mail account. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Büdenbender returns to the profession of judge. The wife of Federal President Steinmeier, who is aiming for a second term, will work part-time at the Berlin Administrative Court. In the past, she had invested a great deal of strength and energy in her training as a lawyer and in her work as a judge. “I’ve worked hard for it, so I think it would be wrong for myself not to do it now, even if my husband is re-elected.” Go to Article

AfD boss Meuthen threatens to lose immunity. A committee of the European Parliament clears the way for criminal investigations by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office. The plenum still has to confirm the decision. It’s about a questionable election campaign help from a Swiss PR company. Meuthen says he assumes that the investigation will relieve him. Go to Article

Sharp criticism of funding stop. Several countries are demanding a crisis meeting from the federal government after the Ministry of Economic Affairs abruptly frozen subsidies for climate-friendly construction projects. The building ministers of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg, all of whom belong to the Union, complained in a joint letter that the federal government’s decision torpedoed the goal of creating affordable housing. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

The most important thing about the corona virus

Ema recommends approval for Pfizer’s corona pill. Manufacturers and representatives of the authorities speak of Paxlovid’s good effectiveness and hope to be able to treat unvaccinated high-risk patients in particular. The side effects should also be mild. Go to Article

That’s how hard Omikron hit Germany. The Robert Koch Institute reports new record incidences every day. The test capacities are largely exhausted, the nationwide incidence cannot be recorded much higher than 1500. But what does that actually mean? A data analysis. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

That interested a lot of people today

Two years of pandemic: a summary in numbers. On January 27, 2020, the first corona case was detected in Germany. What has the virus done since then? An overview in maps and graphics. Go to Article

The faces of the pandemic. Scientists and virologists, bloggers and activists: Who are the people who set the tone in the debates about the pandemic? And why are they doing this? Go to Article (SZ Plus)

That’s why a financial investor reaches for the Schufa. Who owns the controversial credit agency? The bidding war for the Schufa is about to be decided – and it will affect millions of Germans. Go to Article

Last but not least

This is not a problem chair, made billions of times, cheap and ugly: “Monobloc” is the bad boy of design. A journalist sacrifices eight years to make a book, film and podcast out of it. Why? Go to Article (SZ Plus)

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