Presidential candidate Lang tested positive for Corona

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From: Cindy Boden

Ricarda Lang from the Greens speaks at the orientation debate on compulsory SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in the Bundestag. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Ricarda Lang has tested positive for the corona virus – now she and the Greens have to reschedule something before the party conference at the weekend.

Berlin – The federal party conference of the Greens on Friday and Saturday (January 28th and 29th) will be very important for the party: Because a new party leadership is to be found. Now the candidate for one of the two presidency posts, Ricarda Lang, has been infected with the corona virus. That was the result of a PCR test on Wednesday evening, Lang wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “Fortunately, I’ve been vaccinated three times, I’m fine and I don’t feel any symptoms.”

“Tuesday morning: rapid test negative. Wednesday morning: rapid test negative. Wednesday evening: PCR test positive and isolated at home since last night. Take care!” she wrote on Twitter. What will become of your application speech? She will hold them digitally on Saturday. The fact that she cannot be there is “a great pity, but of course there is no way around it”. Only a small group of people will be present in the Berlin Velodrom anyway. The several hundred delegates connect via the Internet.

Green Party Congress: tested positive for Corona for a long time – speech for the presidency takes place digitally

“After my first speech in the Bundestag, I drove home yesterday for a video conference and in the evening I received the result of the PCR test by e-mail, which we carried out as standard before the party congress at the weekend to be on the safe side,” wrote Lang. In the Bundestag, Lang gave a speech during the orientation debate on compulsory corona vaccination. She has now isolated herself at home and notified her risk contacts, she said.

“We know that the vaccination protects very reliably against severe courses and death, but that there is still a risk of infection, especially with omicron,” wrote Lang. “That’s why I can only appeal to everyone to please get vaccinated and take care of yourself and your fellow human beings.”

Habeck and Baerbock give up the presidency of the Greens: change to government office

On the second day of the party congress, new leadership elections are scheduled. The 28-year-old social politician Lang belongs to the left wing and is running together with the 46-year-old foreign politician Omid Nouripour from the Realo wing as the new leadership duo. Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock are resigning because of the move to the traffic light government. (dpa / food)

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