The Board allocates 11.5 million to educational infrastructure since 2015 in Talavera and the region




The delegate of the Board in Talavera, David Gómez Arroyo, has assured this Thursday that the Government of Castilla-La Mancha from 2015 to 2022 is investing 11.5 million euros in educational infrastructure in
Talavera of the Queen
and region, “the greatest rain of investments since the transfers”.

He has said it during a press appearance in which, together with the provincial delegate for Education, Culture and Sports, José Gutiérrez, they have presented the budget items that the regional Executive has allocated to educational centers in the province of Toledo at the beginning of this quarter, some investments that are added to those that were already being developed.

The person in charge of the regional government in Talavera has indicated that “in order to value these investments we have to remember the moment from which we started” and has pointed out that “in 2015 we found a dismembered Education, with the closure of rural schools and a period in the one that did not make the slightest investment in Education».

Gómez Arroyo has indicated that “if there is one thing we are very clear about in the Government presided over by Emiliano García-Page, it is that education is the basis of equality and that there is no freedom without equality, which is why in Talavera and its region no center, nor are they going to close as long as there are students” and added that “this regional government has public education in its DNA”.

In this context, the delegate of the Board in Talavera has indicated that only in 2021 and 2022 more than 70 actions will be carried out in Talavera and the region, with an investment of 8.5 million euros and has highlighted the new school Andres Arango by
, with an investment of 3.1 million euros; the integration of the Official School of Languages ​​in the old IES ‘Padre Juan de Mariana’, or the works already underway in the centers ‘San Isidro’, ‘Ribera del Tajo’ or the School of Art.

Other outstanding actions are the indoor track of the ‘Antonio Machado’ educational center, the extension of the ‘Fray Hernando’, the extension of the Segurilla of the CRA ‘Guadyerbas’, the extension of the classrooms of the CRA ‘Entrerríos’ in the section of
or the works carried out at the ‘Fulgencio Sánchez Cabezudo’ school in
Malpica de Tagus

After breaking down the new investments that are going to be undertaken throughout 2022 in the adaptation of spaces and sports equipment, in photovoltaic installations, in material for attention to diversity, in bibliographic material and in other educational programs, Gómez Arroyo has put in I also value the effort made in expanding the studies that can be carried out in Talavera, both university, with a degree in Computer Science or a double degree in Nursing and Podiatry, as well as in the commitment to Vocational Training, with a total of 13 new degrees.

In this context, he has indicated that these new studies, especially the implementation of the Degree in Computer Science “which has been possible thanks to the efforts of President García-Page and the mayor of Talavera”, is “changing the productive fabric of the city and the region.

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