The Catalan Parliament rejects for the third time to urge the Government to comply with the 25% sentence in Spanish




For third time
in two months, the Parliament of Catalonia has ruled against the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that obliges the Generalitat to adapt the educational system to be bilingual, as indicated by the laws and has been ratified by the Court Constitutional Court on various occasions, and at least one 25 percent of core subjects in Spanish. The Ministry of Education has until March 20 to apply the sentence, ratified by the Supreme Court.

Only one day after the regional councilor for the branch, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, insinuated in the parliamentary plenary session that he will not comply with the judicial decisions on linguistic matters, the pro-independence majority with the votes of the commons (81 votes) has knocked down, this Thursday , a motion of Cs, defended by Nacho Martín Blanco, who, mainly, urged the Catalan Government “to abide by” the order of the TSJC and that it be done as soon as possible.

PSC -at this point-, Vox and PP have voted in favor (53 votes).

The rest of the points of the motion have not gone forward either. In these cases, moreover, with the abstention of the PSC. On the one hand, they asked to condemn “the Language Platform intrusions in the freedom of students« to choose the language in which they speak; In addition, he defended himself, along the lines of the right recognized by UNESCO, that it is possible to study in the mother tongue in “early education”; and it also rejected «the use by the Government of public funds to spread its self-serving bogus apocalyptic speech on the situation of Catalan”.

White Martin He has defended the motion, above all, based on “a question of rights” and because the citizens of Catalonia must be able to receive an education “both in Spanish and in Catalan.” Alejandro Fernandez (PP) and Antonio Gallego (Vox) They have unwaveringly supported the Cs proposal. Y Esther Niubó (PSC) He lamented that the liberal formation has refused to compromise amendments to the last points of the motion, which has led the Socialists to abstain.

For their part, the representatives of the pro-independence groups and the commons, who for the third time (after the votes on November 29, 2021 and December 15, 2021) have joined forces to overthrow a proposal for the Government to abide by and fulfill the sentence of 25 percent in Spanish in the classrooms, have focused their presentations in attacking Cs and those who defend bilingualism.

A) Yes, Carles Riera (CUP), defiantly, he has said that “they will not pass, they will not apply the new school 155” and has indicated that “the Government will have us by their side so as not to apply the ruling of the TSJC.” Joan Carles Gallego (common) He has indicated that “schools have other problems”, about safety and health, mainly, but not linguistic. Glòria Freixa (Together) made reference to minority languages. Y Monica Palacín (ERC) has ensured that “in Catalan schools there is no conflict (linguistic)”.

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