The investigation to find the missing Traspinedo focuses on the suspect’s car




The Government Subdelegation has reported today that the Civil Guard is going to organize another ‘macrobatida’ this Saturday, January 29 in the morning to look for Esther López de la Rosa, the 35-year-old resident of Traspinedo who disappeared last Wednesday the 12th. For this new popular search, the Meritorious asks for the collaboration of volunteers to be able to expand the search area. It will also request the collaboration of the City Council and the Red Cross.

The investigation, after fifteen days in unknown whereabouts, is currently focused on the detailed inspection of tourism owned by the so far only detainee, RG, also known as ‘El Manitas’, collects Europa Press.

The registration of tourism, a dark BMW, began this Wednesday afternoon at the facilities of the Civil Guard Command of Valladolid, on Avenida de Soria, with the presence of the suspect’s defense attorney, Lorena Iglesias, who has also been able to hold a new interview with her client, according to what sources from the investigation informed Europa Press.

In the aforementioned inspection, which was resumed early this Thursday morning, also with the presence of the defender, the specialists of the Armed Institute search, among other traces, biological remains that could testify that the missing person, 35 years old, came to occupy the tourism of ‘El Manitas’ and that, therefore, they could irrefutably incriminate him as being involved in his forced disappearance.

Meanwhile, the detainee, who in recent days has been taken from the Valladolid Command to his home in Traspinedo to attend the search of the property, has given up the hunger strike that he had started in protest at the, in his opinion, unjust detention because although to date he has not given any statement before the Civil Guard or in court, he has reiterated his absolute innocence in the two meetings held with his defender.

The suspect was already placed at noon on Wednesday at the disposal of the Investigating Court number 5, whose head agreed to extend his detention for another 72 hours that would expire this Friday. It will be tomorrow when the judge in the case should adopt a new decision regarding the situation of ‘El Manitas‘, either his provisional release or his entry, also provisionally, into the Valladolid Penitentiary Center.

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