The PSCL does value the “model” CIS survey as it reflects a “pulse for change”




The PSOE of Castilla y León considered yesterday that the data offered by the CIS survey are “an opportunity for hope” and reflect that “the drive for change is growing” in the Community due to the fact that the socialist candidate, Luis Tudanca, presents himself as “the only one that offers stability and decency”. This was stated by the party’s Organization Secretary, Ana Sánchez, at the press conference after the publication of the results of the survey, which she considered “model” due to the large sample of the population surveyed. The socialist leader, who usually repeats that her party “does not value surveys”, did get wet this time, also praising that the CIS has used the “scientific method” with a sample of 7,000 people.

“It is the largest survey that has been carried out in Castilla y León,” he observed, pointing out that those that “do not exceed 1,000 participants” are nothing more than an exercise in premonition. In this way, he attacked the “commissioned surveys” of other media, which in contrast to the public one give victory to the PP, and encouraged them to “publish all the data of the technical file as the CIS does” as an act of “transparency”.

Likewise, Sánchez assured that she is convinced that they are going to win and “crowd the ballot boxes with decency and dignity” in the face of the “irresponsible” call by Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and his “corrupt” government.

For his part, the popular candidate recalled during his visit to the Burgos town of Briviesca that the polls are “a still photo, at a certain moment” and the one “that counts” is that of February 13. “We have known surveys that give us an optimal result, things are going well, but the best way to lose is to think that they are won,” he defended according to Ical.

pandemic concern

Meanwhile, the CIS study released yesterday also points out the issues that most concern citizens, starting with depopulation as the main problem -30.5 percent- almost twice as much as unemployment -18.1%- or the Health binomial- Covid -26.8 percent-. In this sense, the people of Castile and León are almost as concerned about bad political behavior as they are about the economic crisis (2.8 and 2.9 percent).

In addition, 15.7 percent of those surveyed have expressed their doubts about whether they will vote, while more than half approve of the management of the President of the Board, although 83% believe that Castilla y León is the same or worse than it was three years.

Likewise, another factor to take into account is the management of the Board in the Covid health crisis, which will influence more than 53.9 percent of those surveyed when voting, reports Ep.

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