The touching viral Twitter thread about the difficulties of the elderly with technology



the constant digitization of all aspects of society inevitably lead the elderly to feel lost when it comes to doing the simplest things of everyday life.

Requesting a visit to the doctor or carrying out a banking operation, for example, have become odysseys for the elderly, for whom new technologies arrived late. Even to confirm an appointment for the coronavirus vaccine or show the Covid passport, they have had to learn to use the QR code or automated calls, in which they are forced to talk to robots.

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Twitter user
, has reported in a hilo viral the experience he has had helping a man “probably in his 80s,” according to his description, who was trying to deposit money into a ATM.

Lack of knowledge led him to touch the touch screen several times, imitating what he saw other people doing, but without being able to understand how the machine worked. Seeing the queue increase, she offered his help.

Amparo, what I didn’t know the man at all, explained to her how to carry out the operation she wanted to carry out, and thanks to her she was able to enter the money. At the end, he thanked her for the gesture: «We left the cashier for the next person to pass, and he thanks me. I tell him not to worry, it’s been a pleasure,” he explains.

But nevertheless, the lord wanted to reward her. “Before I leave, he reaches into his jacket pocket, takes out his wallet, and offers me a ten-euro bill. I do not give credit, I am amazed and I tell him that in no way, please, “says Amparo.

After the farewell of these two strangers, the twitter account that was left with “a sfeeling of sorrow for this gentleman and for all the elderly who are finding themselves alone in the face of this monster of technology, which is increasingly turning us into beings without soul or compassion». “It doesn’t cost anything to serve them, and make life a little easier for them with everything they did for us,” he defends. Amparo ends this thread denouncing that she thinks we are “dehumanizing” us.

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