This is the new device of the DGT to replace the mirrors



Every year hundreds of people die on the roads of our country. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) Its primary objective is to reduce traffic accidents as much as possible. Technology, together with the good habits of the drivers themselves, has become a great ally to achieve this. So much so, that the DGT has proposed change the traditional mirrors of our vehicles by more complex devices that allow our field of vision to be greater, even showing us what happens in the blind spots.

Is about ‘MAN Optiview‘, a camera system capable of expanding the driver’s field of vision and reducing the risk of accidents that occur when it is not possible to see what is happening in certain areas that are hidden from view.

It consists of some exterior cameras and two screens of high resolution that allow you to control everything that happens around you. It is currently being installed on some trucks and some modern cars already have a similar system, as is the case with the latest models from Lexus, Tesla, Honda and Audi.

How does it work

MAN Optiview‘ has several exterior wide-angle and focus cameras, which are located above the door frames to replace the conventional mirror.

The devices can be folded and are waterproof. Furthermore, they are able to filter glare to deliver the best possible image across the screen, rain or shine. In addition, this system also eliminates the front view mirror located inside the vehicle, replacing it with an additional camera.

The driver will have at his side a screen, 12 inches and with HD quality, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which can, in addition to showing the images captured by the cameras, show some auxiliary lines to be able to more accurately assess the distances of the vehicle with other cars or with the hard shoulder itself Of the road.

There will also be another screen, larger, 15 inches, located on the passenger side with the same capabilities as the first.

For the moment the use of ‘MAN’ is not considered in passenger cars or motorcycles, but future vehicles may have to be adapted to this device.

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