UCLM celebrates its patron honoring students, new doctors and retired staff

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The Castilla-La Mancha university (UCLM) has commemorated this Thursday the Patron Saint Thomas Aquinas Day With an academic ceremony at the Ciudad Real Campus during which the new doctors were sworn in, homage was paid to the national end-of-course and extraordinary doctorate awards, and the work of retired staff was recognised.

The Auditorium Luis Arroyo of the Campus of Ciudad Real has welcomed the celebration of the patron saint of the UCLM with an academic act presided over by the rector, Julian Garde, and during which the work of students and staff of the academic institution has been recognized. One day before the festivity of Santo Tomás, the ceremony began with the academic procession of doctors, wearing the colored caps that identify their area of ​​knowledge: light blue, Philosophy and Letters; red, right; yellow, Medicine; or grey, Journalism.

Next, the honorary rector, Luis Arroyo Zapatero, gave the lecture, presented with a title as Cervantes as Favor y ventura to the best students and those who are now retiring, and with content also along the line of thought and expression of the author of Don Quixote.

Because, in fact, the ceremony -which had not been held for seven years- has served to honor the most brilliant students, recognize those who have acquired the degree of doctor and thank the work of the teaching and research staff and of administration and services who has retired during the two previous years. Among those who is, precisely, the person responsible for the master class, Louis Arroyo, whom the rector thanked on behalf of the University «for your involvement, for your commitment, for having been able to find paths and, when not, for having built them yourself, to lead the UCLM first to the consolidation and then until a vigorous consolidation. We all know -said Garde- that, were it not for you, the UCLM would not be what it is today».

In his speech, the rector alluded to the “mission” of scientists and researchers to “find the truth and make it known”, a task to which the University of Castilla-La Mancha is contributing as a “social tool” that generates knowledge and wealth, said the rector, who has not missed the opportunity to demand a “robust public research, development and innovation policy” that reduces precariousness in the sector and helps retain talent.

During the event, which was also attended by the Mayor of Ciudad Real, Eva María Masías; and the president of the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, Pablo Bellido; About a hundred of the more than three hundred new doctors who acquired this condition during the last two years were invested, a period during which seventy-nine UCLM employees retired, including teaching and research staff and administration and services .

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