Arrested for fleeing with a stolen car and driving at high speed in the opposite direction




The Civil Guard has arrested a 36-year-old man for the crimes of robbery or theft of a vehicle, forgery of registration plates, attack against the Authority and its Agents, and crimes against Road Safety for reckless driving and under the influence of narcotic substancesyes This man drove more than 50 kilometers in less than 20 minutes, with clear disregard for the lives of others, through different routes and municipalities in the province.

On the morning of January 26, a Civil Guard patrol from Escalona who was traveling along the N-403 highway, within the municipal district of this town, observed how the driver of a vehicle that was on this road, upon detecting his presence, began to flee at high speed downwards, performing maneuvers and sudden overtaking and dangerous.

These agents quickly began monitoring them and reported it to the Services Operations Center (COS), which manages the emergency telephone number of this Corps 062, which alerted all the patrols in service.

Different units of the Civil Guard went out to meet him making acoustic and light signals so that this driver stopped his march, however he arrived at different locations such as Maqueda or Val de Santo Domingo carrying out numerous abrupt maneuvers with the clear intention of colliding with these official vehicles, putting at serious risk the integrity, not only of the agents, but also of other road users and possible pedestrians passing through these towns.

This driver left the N-403 and joined the A-40 motorway to the town of Rielves where he circulated with the same recklessness through the crossing of this population.

When he reached a roundabout that leads to three different roads, N-403, TO-40 and TO-21, this person made a 180° turn and started a driving in the opposite direction on the A-40, causing one of the vehicles of this body to collide with the guardrail when making another sudden maneuver with the steering wheel to avoid being hit.

A patrol from the Toledo Traffic Civil Guard Detachment also stationed itself at a certain point on this road, cutting off one of the lanes to try to stop this person, but when they reached his height, it continued with its reckless attitude, showing clear contempt for the lives of others, and one of the agents had to get out of the way to avoid being run over.

Finally, at km 126 of this road, already within the municipality of Bargas, this driver once again made a 180° turn with his vehicle, getting out of it and starting to flee on foot along the side of the road, reaching a drop of six meters, at which time he was intercepted by the agents of the Civil Guard. Next, these agents carried out the corresponding alcohol and drug tests, giving an indicative positive for THC (cannabis).

The agents of the Investigation Team of the Civil Guard of Torrijos, who had participated from the first moment in this action, took charge of this person, a 36-year-old man who had already been arrested ten other times by this same Police Corps, for crimes committed mainly against property.

These agents confirmed that the vehicle he was driving had been stolen and reported on the 22nd of this month in Madrid, that the plates he was carrying did not correspond to him, and that he was wearing others that belonged to a vehicle of the same make and model owned by this criminal.

This man has already been placed at the disposal of the Court of First Instance and Instruction corresponding to the Guardia de Toledo for the crimes of robbery or theft of vehicles, forgery of registration, attack against the Authority and its Agents, reckless driving and driving under the influence of narcotic substance.

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