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Do you recognize this federal minister? © Screenshot Soundcloud

Marco Buschmann recently became Federal Minister of Justice. After work, the doctor of law realizes himself as a music producer.

Berlin – Marco Buschmann is one of four FDP politicians in the new traffic light cabinet. In addition to his work as Federal Minister of Justice, the native of Gelsenkirchen also works as a hobby DJ. Buschmann has been publishing pieces of music on the Soundcloud platform for years. His tracks are currently being heard more and more frequently.

“MB Sounds”: Minister of Justice Buschmann produces Lindner’s angry speech

Buschmann appears under the pseudonym “MBSounds”. His best-known piece is six years old and is entitled “Wutrede”. It is accompanied by a speech by FDP party leader Christian Lindner from January 2015. At that time, Buschmann was federal director of the FDP.

Lindner was a member of the state parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia and went to the lectern on the subject of founding a company. As he began his speech, there was – as Lindner was later to say – a “silly heckling” from the SPD politician Volker Münchow. Lindner probably has “experience with the start-up culture,” said Münchow, who was alluding to Linder’s failure with his company. In the early 2000s, Lindner founded a start-up company that ultimately had to file for bankruptcy.

The eloquent Lindner took up the SPD politician’s criticism and held a three-minute tirade in the Düsseldorf state parliament. He also referred to a speech by the then SPD Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft, who advocated not condemning entrepreneurial failure. “Didn’t you hear what the prime ministers said, colleague from the SPD?” In the direction of Kraft, Lindner said: “You have someone in your own ranks, Madam Prime Minister, who doesn’t listen to what you’re doing. This is your colleague. That’s one of the reasons why people today prefer to go into public service than start their own business.”

Lindner’s speech, which ended with the words “that was fun”, was viewed by more than 500,000 people on YouTube. Buschmann took up the “anger speech” of his party colleague, added a few beats and made his best-known hit. “MBSounds” writes under the song: “German media spoke of “anger speech”. This piece expresses that anger in a musical way.” 37,000 people have already listened to the song.

Buschmann about his music hobby: “Hopefully nobody’s ears hurt”

In total, Buschmann has released 56 tracks. They cannot be assigned to a single genre, move in the area of ​​Electro, Dreamhouse and Trance. The titles are called “Epic Christmas Medley” or “Night Drive”. A bit of FDP history can also be found in the plays “Schattenjahre”. In the song “Second Speech of Anger” Buschmann picks up on Lindner again. He provides the background music for a Linder speech against the AfD.

Buschmann recently commented on the increased number of listeners on his account on Twitter. “I’m very honored… I hope nobody’s ears hurt now.” (as)


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