Federal government wants to fight hate and hate speech on the Gettr platform

NAccording to the security authorities, the platform Gettr, which is registered in the United States, is also developing into a platform of radicalization just like the messenger service Telegram. “Gettr is also seeing increasing numbers of users in Germany and is increasingly being used, particularly in the right-wing extremist scene,” said the Federal Ministry of the Interior in response to a written question from CDU MP Michael Brand.

According to the ministry, the development of the platform will be monitored by the Federal Criminal Police Office and the results will be made available to the police authorities in the federal states. Experts fear that there will be evasive movements if Telegram is to be controlled more closely in the future. The Federal Criminal Police Office has now set up a task force to prosecute criminal offenses on Telegram. The Federal Ministry of the Interior is in contact with Google and Apple, who could remove Telegram from their app stores.

stall fine proceedings

In addition, the federal government is pursuing two fines against Telegram because the company is not complying with the obligations under the Network Enforcement Act. But so far there has been no progress here.

The Federal Office of Justice initiated the procedure last spring, but so far the authority has not even managed to deliver the hearing letter to Telegram, which has its official headquarters in Dubai. The letter was given to the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs for delivery to the company. What happened next is not known.

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The Federal Ministry of Justice is now considering taking a different route. Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) recently told the “Passauer Neue Presse” that “public delivery by publication in the Federal Gazette” would be used if letters were not delivered within a reasonable period of time.


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