Fracture: saber rattling with soup bowls

SSince reunification, one, no, Germany’s greatest mystery has been: Who are these East Germans, and if so, why are there so many? The federal government is working hard on a solution by wearing out East Commissioners like Saxony-Elector August the Strong once did scientists looking for the gold formula.

Stefan Locke

Correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia based in Dresden.

The new incumbent Carsten Schneider, for example, recently rushed forward with the new declaration that East Germans were unfamiliar with compromises, whereupon the “Berliner Kurier” headlined the question: “Do East Germans lack the ‘compromise gene’?” be forced to be boosted with one of these. Finally, in 1989, they put an end to the rotten compromise. After tireless protest marches, they are finally rid of the compromising Miss who ruled for 16 years

The people in the East have nothing!

But enough of the wordplay pranks, because the situation in the country has been serious since the federal government announced that it would deliver 5,000 military protective helmets to Ukraine. The Minister of Defense sees this as a “very clear signal”. It is not yet clear why, but we also do not understand the criticism of it, since each of the approximately 200,000 Ukrainian soldiers will soon be able to enjoy German security for at least half an hour a day.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Because the people in the East have nothing! Ms. Lambrecht has known that ever since she occasionally travels through the zone from the Bonn ministry headquarters to the West Berlin branch of her house, where she boldly aims at Dnepropetrovsk with her binoculars, while in the rest of the way only mouth monkeys are offered for sale.

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