Iñaki Urdangarin’s brother faces a reporter from ‘Sálvame’ live



It seems that tranquility does not reach the family of Iñaki Urdangarin, after all the scandal caused by the photos of the former athlete with Ainhoa ​​Armentia, coworker, and that have led to the interruption of his marriage to the Infanta Cristina, a new chapter is added to this story.

If yesterday the Cuatro program ‘It’s already noon’ revealed who they had ordered to take the snapshots of the infidelity and sought the statements of the mother of the former Duke of Palma, a few hours later Mikel Urdangarin, Iñaki’s brother, was in a confrontation with Kike Calleja, a reporter for ‘Sálvame’.

‘Sálvame’, which, like other programs, is closely following this story, sent one of its reporters, specifically to Kike Calleja, to Vitoria to get a few words from a member of the Urdangarin family.

In the middle of a live connection, the reporter commented to the companions who were on the set of ‘Sálvame’ that the family circle was “quite tense”, to which he added that on Wednesday they had spoken “with his mother”, that they She said she was “very overwhelmed.”

He also told them that that same morning – yesterday – they had managed to speak with one of the brothers of the former Duke of Palma, with Mikel Urdangarin. «We have asked him what he thinks of all this controversy, what he thinks of Ainhoa ​​and what he has to say about the divorce. The truth is that he has not taken it very well, ”said the journalist.

Next, ‘Sálvame’ broadcast the video with the images of what happened and in them you could see Kike Calleja asking Mikel: «How is the family?». To which Urdangarin’s brother responded emphatically: “Don’t bother me.”

Despite the answer, Calleja insisted and asked him a question again: «How have you taken the news of the separation from your brother? We just want to know that.” Again, Urdangarin’s brother answered succinctly: «It’s a private matter, as you know. I have nothing to say and don’t ask me.” The ‘Sálvame’ reporter followed Mikel and asked him again about Iñaki Urdangarin. It was at that moment when MikelUrdangarin grabbed Kike Calleja’s microphone with the intention of snatching it away, while, once again, making the same request: «Don’t bother us».

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