Josemi Rodríguez-Sieiro: History of a failure



In this case I don’t feel like it, but they say that current affairs rule.

Undoubtedly, the news of the week has been the photographs of Iñaki Urdangarín and an unknown companion, both of them tied up, walking along the seashore of a beach that, in principle, was reported and placed as Bidart’s and that later turned out to be Hossegor, always bustling with people, restaurants and the guaranteed spectacle of surfers and huge waves. Also famous for the Landes foie tasting.

Discovered the identity of the mysterious woman, as a simple employee of the law firm where they both work, married and with children, she has become a person who, possibly and with alleged intention, turns her life, surely simple, but boring and small-town, causing a notorious marital crisis, shared by the retired athlete, because of having married an Infanta of Spain and having children who, being sons of their mother, receive the treatment of Most Excellent Gentlemen.

If I had to put a sentence to this sad episode for the protagonists, I would title it ‘Story of a failure’. And I would add that the forms must be kept in the face of a similar situation.

From that ride in Rolls through Barcelona to the exit of the Cathedral and with the crowd applauding until the present moment, going through the unfortunate spectacle of the appearance before the Justice and the entry into prison, there is a whole meditation. Perhaps the former duke thinks that this step is a way out or even revenge, for believing himself untouchable, without realizing that no one is free from the law.

In Hossegor’s decision he was wrong again. He has used a photographer to put an end to a situation that will haunt him for life. Not to mention the lack of respect towards those who have publicly supported him, who, without a doubt, has always done it out of love, and towards his children, who have either had to hide or have had to attend to the media politely. , «because those things happen and will be valued in the family». If you are brave in life, you have to be brave in all circumstances. Looking for a pretext, the photos, is to harm the person with whom you have shared joys and sorrows. Cowardice and revenge are dangerous allies. In this case the balance seems negative.

And then comes the statement, brief and without further explanation. There is no mention of children. That is taken for granted. It is not the separation or divorce of any popular.

In this story there are always people interested in having a voice, with a moment of glory and prominence, on television.

They are the false friends and relatives, whom they have hardly ever dealt with and with whom they have practically no relationship, not to mention the neighbors they do not even know. The descendants of a bastard or extramarital son, as they like to say now, of King Alfonso XIII take on an unworthy role in this case, just for having been seen at the entrance of a school or during a carnival parade, for what gives them ‘ right’ to participate in the show, including one sitting with one leg in Vitoria and the other in Lisbon. Quite a show… to burst into tears. The proverb says that what starts badly ends badly.

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