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Be informed about latest news today It is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to readers who want it, the best summary of the friday, 28, january right here:

A rediscovered ‘botticelli’ fetches $45.4 million at auction

The last time it was up for auction, “The Man of Sorrows,” an image of Christ by Sandro Botticelli, sold for $26,000. Adjusting for inflation, that would be about $240,000 today. This Thursday, the painting by the Renaissance master was awarded for 45.4 million dollars at a Sotheby’s auction in New York. This monumental price, the second highest for any work by ‘great masters’ sold at auction in the last five years, is explained not only by the revaluation of the art market.

“Science has passed the test of the pandemic”

“The pandemic has put modern science to the test, and has passed it. It has been shown that knowledge is much better than ignorance. reflection is of Jose Luis Arsuaga, and with it the paleontologist yesterday premiered the new
cycle of dialogues of the ABC Culture Classroom
. “If you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance. Ignorance is very expensive,” he said.

The germ of hatred between Russia and Ukraine: the cruel repression of Stalin’s secret police

As much as General Charles de Gaulle repeated it in his slogans, the resistance movements were not just a thing of France strangled by Nazism during World War II. In 1945, the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) brought together some 100,000 combatants, was equipped with hospitals and even had its own uniform. Its objective, as revealed to ABC by the professor of Contemporary History at the Complutense University, José M. Faraldo, was to confront the Poles and the Soviet Union in pursuit of a free Ukraine. However, his dreams were crushed by the forerunner of the KGB, Iósilf Stalin’s NKVD.

Iceta sets up an “informal committee” to justify its expenses with European funds

European manna is already flowing through Spain, albeit at a slower rate than expected. The 140 billion that correspond to our country from the ‘Next Generation’ funds were conceived to recover and transform the economy after the Covid crisis. However, from what is known about the projects that are being launched, the objective seems to have been blurred. The last example is in a contract that has drawn the Ministry of Culture and Sport, through the General Directorate of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (Inaem), in which the tricks used by the department to justify the destination of the funds it uses are reported.

The bullfighting posters of La Magdalena, a high-altitude fair, come to light

The posters of the magdalene, a high-altitude fair made by the Matilla house. “We are very satisfied. It is more than the fair that we wanted, because in the end we have found posters that were not even in the first approach and based on offers, tenacity and meeting very receptive bullfighters, we have achieved attractive combinations. Is a very complete fair, for all tastes, with the common denominator of the category. The fair does not detract from a first-class fair at all, there are even posters that may not be repeated throughout the season, such as the one-on-one with Victorinos,” said the manager, Alberto Ramírez, according to ‘Aplausos’ .

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