London police ask for widespread censorship of Partygate report

“We have asked that the Cabinet Office report make minimal reference to the events being investigated by the Metropolitan Police,” Scotland Yard said in a statement on Friday. This should prevent “any bias” in the investigation, it was said to be the justification. The police surprisingly announced on Tuesday that they would investigate the matter. This delayed the release of the internal government report by top official Sue Gray. The report was actually expected this week.

Report is considered “highly explosive”

This is good news for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been under intense pressure for weeks. The internal report on several parties in his office at 10 Downing Street and other government buildings is considered highly explosive. According to reports, government employees and Johnson himself have violated their own lockdown rules with celebrations during the corona pandemic. If this is confirmed, a vote of no confidence in the prime minister is likely. Johnson had so far dismissed almost all questions about this, however, with reference to the ongoing internal investigations. Now he should gain more valuable time, because a heavily censored report should hardly endanger him.

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