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Meuthen resigns AfD chairmanship and leaves the party. The longtime party leader admits his defeat in the power struggle with the formally dissolved right-wing extremist “wing”. In parts of the AfD he sees “clearly totalitarian echoes”. Go to Article

Greens say goodbye to their leaders. Foreign Minister Baerbock and Economics Minister Habeck will no longer lead the party. On Saturday, the delegates will elect two successors. The party conference in the live stream. Go to Article

Gerhard Schröder accuses Ukraine of “saber rattling”. The former chancellor sees the Russian troop deployment as a reaction to NATO maneuvers and says he doesn’t expect an invasion. The president of the Federal Intelligence Service, Kahl, at least says that Putin has not yet decided on an attack. News on the Ukraine crisis

Process of stealing jewels from the Green Vault in Dresden started. Six members of a notorious Berlin clan are on trial in Dresden. They are said to have stolen valuable jewels from the Green Vault two years ago. At the start of the process, they leave the floor to their 14 lawyers. Go to Article

Iraq is at a turning point. For the first time since 2003, a majority government that does not represent all power blocs could come to power in Baghdad. This makes Iran fear for its influence. Go to Article

BMW ends production of the i3 in June. The i3 was the first electric car that BMW launched in a big way. Now it is being discontinued in the middle of the e-car boom. The group now relies primarily on hybrid technology. Go to Article

Spyware Pegasus: NGO fights for enlightenment in Hungary. Hungary used the program to spy on the cell phones of politicians, journalists and managers. A human rights organization now wants to force the country to clarify the matter – if necessary in court. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

The most important thing about the corona virus

Lauterbach expects the omicron wave to peak around mid-February. Against the background of increasing numbers of infections, the Federal Minister of Health again warns of vaccination. “Don’t wait for vaccines that aren’t here yet,” he says. Go to Article

Omikron hits Germany so hard (SZ Plus)

How anti-vaccination build a parallel society. Dating platforms, job exchanges, travel – only for unvaccinated people? Is there. And there are more and more. Go to Article

Also interesting

That interested a lot of people today

“Did you hug Ms. Merkel goodbye?” – “No”. Steffen Seibert was spokesman for the federal government for eleven years, longer than anyone before him. Now, for the first time since leaving office, he is talking about his relationship with the chancellor, the shock of a cell phone being left behind and the dangers to which Western democracy is exposed today. Go to Article

“How low can Infantino sink?” The fact that the Fifa boss linked a plea for a new World Cup rhythm with the fate of refugees from the Mediterranean triggered global outrage. The faux pas should also lead to African football increasingly turning away from him. Go to Article

“Hiking is blood, sweat and tears.” Christine Thürmer has earned a lot of money reorganizing companies. Then she got out – and has been wandering the world ever since. A conversation about their prefabricated building, sawn off toothbrushes and the stupid attempt to find themselves while hiking. Go to Article

Last but not least

Cuddle the crow. Nicolas Cage has an odd pet, Minnie Mouse gets a pantsuit, and Drew Barrymore opens up about an open relationship. Go to Article

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