Subsidiary agreements on posts and ORF conversion emerged

Rumors of written agreements, such as the then ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz and the former FP boss Heinz-Christian Strache in 2017 detailed, but above all confidential, divided posts, there were always. After research by Profil and ORF, the document has now been made public. Because it is part of an investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Economic and Corruption (WKStA).

As the research revealed, the acting FP club director Norbert Nemeth was invited to the WKStA on Monday to testify as a witness in the proceedings against Kurz because of suspected false statements. As reported, Kurz rejects any misconduct, the presumption of innocence applies. The FP club director presented documents from 2017 at the hearing. Below that is the agreement. It is quite detailed and includes posts in the judiciary, state ownership, European institutions, ORF, up to the Federal President. The “allocation key” provided for one representative of the FPÖ for every two representatives of the ÖVP. The ORF had agreed on new management personnel. Not only the new balance of power in the Board of Trustees was recorded in writing, but also the claim to leadership of the ÖVP in the management and in editorial management positions. In addition, the ORF fees should be abolished. The agreement bears the signatures of Kurz and Strache on each page.

Ex Vice Strache

Image: APA

It should also contain evidence of misleading statements by Kurz in the Ibiza investigative committee. The paper should therefore – in addition to the WKStA – also deal with the upcoming “ÖVP Corruption Committee”.

Especially the point that deals with the appointment of the federal holding company (formerly ÖBIB, now ÖBAG). According to the paper, it is determined that the ÖVP nominates the board of directors and the supervisory board. According to the Stock Corporation Act, the appointment of a board of directors is solely a matter for the supervisory board. As is well known, Thomas Schmid eventually became the sole director of ÖBAG.

A spokesman for Kurz told ORF that agreements between government partners are common: “Without clear agreements on content and personalities, smooth cooperation would be difficult.”

Turquoise-green side letter

The side agreements of the current coalition also made the rounds shortly after the turquoise-blue agreement became known yesterday evening. It also defines personnel issues. Among other things, that the ÖVP can select the EU Commissioner in 2024 and that the Greens will have their say in castling at the European Court of Justice in 2023. However, it is also stated that “the appointments are made on the basis of competence and qualification”.

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