The ‘Greek Podemos’ takes advantage of the snowfall crisis to present a motion against the Government




The radical Syriza party, leader of the Greek opposition, has presented a motion of censure before parliament due to mismanagement during the wave of cold and snow that has crossed the country since Monday. Alexis Tsipras has stated that it is presenting “on behalf of the Syriza-Alliance for Progress parliamentary group a motion of censure against the worst government the country has known since the fall of the dictatorship” (in 1974), insisting that the government has failed in the face of to all the emergencies of recent years, such as the wildfires of last summer, the pandemic and the snow storms, both this week and last winter.

The parliamentary debate will begin tomorrow, Friday afternoon, and will end with a vote on Sunday night.

Political commentators point out that this unexpected motion of censure against the government presented today shows that Tsipras, the current leader of the opposition, is looking for a way to take advantage of the deterioration of the government’s management before the Greek society but also something necessary for his own party, that will carry out a new congress in the month of March. This motion is also the continuation of the constant radical call for early elections, which Tsipras called for again during the budget debate in December.

Nor is the results of the latest Greek polls unrelated to this motion of censure: in all the conservative government party New Democracy He is the first in voting intentions, with more than 30 percent of those surveyed in his favor. It is followed by the Syriza party with results between 17.5 and 20%, but what is most interesting is that the Kinal Movement for Change (which brings together socialists and other center-left voters) has notably increased its percentages, reaching 17 percent. The latest poll for Alpha television shows ND at 32.5 per cent against Syriza at 17.5 per cent and KINAL at 17 per cent. They are followed by the communist party KKE with a solid 5% and the other two parties now in parliament, Greek Solution (untra-Ordox and nationalist) and Yanis Varufakis’s MeRa25 get a modest 2%. A clear sign that many voters who until now supported the radicals lean towards the old Pasok and support their new leader, Nikos Androulakis.

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