The Order of Fishing Bans 2022 enters into force this Saturday in Castilla-La Mancha




The Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha (DOCM) has published the Order of the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Fishing Bans of 2022 in the region, which comes into force this Saturday, January 29.

As stated in the order, the current situation of the Covid-19, although it does not necessarily imply a risk situation for fishing when it is practiced individually, it can be in collective activities such as the holding of contests, as is reflected in the DOCM.

For this reason, a Covid-19 protocol of obligations and prevention and hygiene recommendations for fishing activity in Castilla-La Mancha has been made available to the fishermen, available on the website

The working periods for fishing in declared trout waters, with the provincial exceptions, are from April 1 to September 30, in low mountain waters and for high mountain waters, from May 1 to October 15.

Outside of these working periods, fishing of all species is prohibited.

Applications for authorization of fishing contests, in free waters not classified as trout, must be processed through the Fisheries Federation of Castilla-La Mancha or its provincial delegations, in the case of official competitions; Applications will be submitted, at least one month in advance, through the electronic office ( by means of an electronically signed request addressed to the Provincial Delegation of the province where the competitions are held.

The authorization must be granted by the corresponding Provincial Delegation, in the case of provincial competitions and competitions of Companies and, by the General Directorate of the Natural Environment and Biodiversity, in the case of regional, national and international competitions, without prejudice to the corresponding authorizations granted to the hydrographic confederations.

These contests may not occupy more than 50% of all Saturdays, Sundays and national or regional holidays of the annual season.

The term to resolve these authorizations will be one month from the date of presentation. These authorizations will be considered rejected if, after a period of one month from the date of their presentation in the records of the Ministry, there has been no express resolution, as established in article 24.1 of Law 39/2015, of October 1.

The authorization of the fishing contests will entail the delimiting of the sections during the celebration of the same and will be subject to the conditions that could be established in the respective authorizations.

The head of the General Directorate with powers in fishing of the Ministry of Sustainable Development is empowered to establish temporary moratoriums or special prohibitions in the courses and bodies of water in which the hydrobiological conditions make it necessary to suspend the fishing activity, or to lift the aforementioned measures when said conditions so advise.

The head of the General Directorate is also empowered to update the situation of the preserves in the event that their management conditions vary during the season, in accordance with the resolutions awarding the preserves to the collaborating companies, as well as the Approval resolutions of the technical fishing plans of the special preserves managed by this ministry.

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