The qualifying round closes with the dominance of Thai Weka Bhanubandh

Torrevieja (Alicante)



The qualifying round in the Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja Trophy is closed, it does so in a long and quite complicated second day due to the roles. A situation that has caused many false starts. At the start of the day it was at 050º with 8-10 knots, but it ended at 340º with 7-8 intensity.

With the discard applied and the favorites going strong, the gold, silver, bronze and emerald groups are defined, thus giving way to the two days planned for the final series and to which he arrives as a solid leader and quite clearly dominating the Thai Weka Bhanubandh, achieving a 9-point lead over second in the table.

Bhanubandh, framed today in the yellow group (yesterday blue) has signed three good partials: 2-1-1, together with yesterday’s results and plus the discard, leave the representative of Royal Varuna YC with 7 points, 9 behind the second from the table, the Hungarian Benedek Barna Héder (SVE), who punctured in the last test of the day scoring a 32, a result that was going to be removed but that took its toll.

Santapolero Pedro Adán (CN Santa Pola) climbs to third place, staying 12 points behind Bhanubandh. Adán has been very regular (3-4-2) which allows him to occupy that provisional third place.

Blanca Ferrando and Kosma Fragkiski rule in women’s SUB16

Maximum equality in women with the Valencian Blanca Ferrando (RCN Valencia) and the Greek Kosma Fragkiski (PFNC), both tied at 48 points. The best partials of the Spanish, located in the red group, with 4-10-13 allow her to be ahead. The Greek (blue), meanwhile, has closed the day with results of 7-5-16. The provisional bronze goes to the Polish Alicja Tutkowska (YKP Gdynia) with 53 points. Tutkowska hasn’t been lucky in the first test and it has been one of the many black flags that there have been in that first test and that will take its toll.

Lily-Sofie Latvala and José Manuel Cuellar lead the U13 fleet

With regard to the U13 category, the Finnish Lily-Sofie Latvala (HSS) has been once again strong, although she has not had a good start with 21 and 30 improving at the end of the day, signing a hard-fought 8th place. This allows her to take a little more advantage over the second in the table that has been less successful than her. The Valencian Marta Ferrando (RCN Valencia) has concluded today with partial 30-40-37. At the moment the bronze goes to Mar Infante (RCMT Punta Umbría), 14 points behind Ferrando.

José Manuel Cuellar (RCN de Adra) is the leader, highlighting today a 7th place as the best partial. In the first and second tests he closed his participation with positions 11 and 9 respectively. Behind Nikko Palou (RCN Palma), with a partial victory in the first test of the day in the blue group, and Ignacio Sánchez (RCR Alicante) provisional bronze. The rider from Alicante has achieved the best partial results today of the three on the podium: 5-5-8.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the third day and the first of the final series, the wind seems to want to leave first thing in the morning, so the program has been modified, establishing the top start at 12:00, except for changes.

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