This is borage, the unknown vegetable that you should include in your dishes

Have you heard the popular saying ‘stay in borage waters’? It is usually used when something, a plan or a purpose, does not meet expectations or does not obtain the expected result. Moreover, it comes from antiquity and began to be used because borage was thought to have fertilizing power, that is, a woman who drank the broth from the cooking of this vegetable would become pregnant. However, when this did not happen, it was said that “he had been left in the waters of borage”, eliminating all hope.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, the borage It is a plant not well known but interesting from the nutritional and culinary point of view. In some places it is treated as a “weed” since it is capable of growing without practically any care and in adverse conditions, on the roads in a wild way but, despite that, it contains beneficial properties, such as its contribution of water: 94, 4 grams per 100 grams of water.

In addition, the amount of vitamin C (about 35 mg/100 grams) is noteworthy, Vitamin A (210 ug/100 grams) and carotenoids (1260 ug/100 grams). According to the dietician-nutritionist
Bethlehem Siscar
, borage is a food “with a low caloric level but interesting from the vitamin and mineral point of view”. It is one of the vegetables with higher amount of iron this being 3.3 mg per 100 grams and also highlights the contribution of other valuable minerals for a proper functioning of the body: magnesium 52 mg/100 grams, potassium 470 mg/100 grams and calcium 93 mg/100 grams.

Apparently the borage It is very perishable so it is best that, once purchased, you keep it with leaves and stems for only a couple of days in the fridge. Y don’t wash it until you are not going to consume it.

borage in the kitchen

It is normal that, soon, you do not think of what recipes to make with this vegetable, but the truth is that there are many options to enjoy borage. For example, it can be included in tortillas, make soups or creams and even use it for infusions. Belén Siscar, on the other hand, assures that it is more commonly used in stews, raw in salads or cooked with potatoes.

These are some of the recipes you can make with borage:

Recipes with borage

sauteed borage

Sauteed borage.
Sauteed borage.

Clean and cut the borage. Boil them in salted water. Meanwhile, in a pan add extra virgin olive oil, laminated garlic (from Aragon) and when they are soft and golden, add sliced ​​ham. When ready, add the drained borage, and sauté everything together for a few minutes. Plate and add freshly ground pepper and the special touch: a thread of smoked oil.

Chickpeas with borage

Chickpeas with borage.
Chickpeas with borage.

For this stew you need to slow cook the chickpeas and you will also need:

– 50 grams of olive oil

– 4 – 5 crushed garlic cloves with skin

– 1 duck breast with boneless skin in pieces

– 1 teaspoon salt

– 1 – 2 pinches of ground black pepper

– 250 grams of julienned red onion

– 200 grams of red wine

– 100 grams of honey

– 1 teaspoon dried thyme

– 1 – 2 whole dried cayenne peppers

– 4 dried figs (cut in half) or 4 pitted prunes

– 400 grams of cooked borage (canned) drained

– 400 grams of cooked chickpeas (canned) washed and drained

Borage with beans and clams

Borage with beans and clams.
Borage with beans and clams.

– 1 kg of borage

– 1 can of white beans

– 1 small onion

– 1 clove garlic

– 1/2 kg clams

– 1/2 kg of peeled prawns

– A pinch of sweet paprika


-Olive oil

The first thing we have to do is clean the borage (I don’t peel it), remove the leaves and cut it into pieces of about three fingers. Cook the borage with a little salt. While it cooks we are going to prepare the sofrito.

Cut the onion and garlic into small cubes and fry them in a frying pan over low heat. When the onion is transparent, add the clams and shrimp, cover so that the clams open. Then we add the beans, previously washed and drained. We add the paprika and a couple of glasses of the borage broth. We rectify salt. Drain the borage and add it to the beans. Let cook for about 5 minutes.

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