US wants UN Security Council meeting

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This photo, provided by the Russian Defense Ministry, shows Russian soldiers during a military exercise. © Uncredited/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service/AP/dpa

The United States and its Western allies fear a Russian invasion of Ukraine – which is why the UN Security Council should now deal with the conflict.

New York – The UN Security Council is to deal with the current Ukraine crisis for the first time.

The United States has requested a meeting of the most powerful UN body for Monday. The deliberations in New York are to be held in public, probably at 4:00 p.m. CET.

The US and its western allies fear a Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are demanding that the roughly 100,000 Russian soldiers gathered at the Ukrainian border withdraw into the hinterland. The Security Council is less likely to find solutions to the conflict. Rather, the US could use the international stage as a means of exerting pressure on Moscow.

The American UN mission said: “As we continue our relentless pursuit of diplomacy to de-escalate tensions in the face of this serious threat to European and global peace and security, the UN Security Council is a crucial venue for diplomacy.”

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