Vivenda asks Sareb not to evict renters without debts




Despite having a seven-year rental agreement and being up to date with the payments, last December, Pilar González received an eviction order from the court. “They gave us 15 days to leave the flat,” he explains. The notification also reached another fifteen residents of the building located in the Piñeiros neighborhood, in Narón. González, who had rented the apartment through a real estate agency, was unaware at the time that his landlord had become the Management Company for Assets Proceeding from Bank Restructuring (Sareb), also known as the bad bank. Like the residents of Narón, the threat of eviction has reached the tenants of Ares, Burela or Silleda in recent weeks. The Xunta tries to stop the evictions and for this it has sent a letter to the Government.

The Regional Minister for the Environment, Territory and Housing, Ángeles Vázquez, addressed the Minister for Transport Raquel Sánchez, to whom President Feijóo had already expressed his concern at the meeting held a few days ago in Santiago. Vázquez emphasizes that the eviction request even affected “housing classified as protected for rent.” This way of proceeding, indicates the conselleira, “It is exposing multiple families to situations of abandonment, a situation to which are added the difficulties in finding a new home and the economic damage they would suffer if they cannot get a rental with the same cost ». Vázquez recalls that the central government’s policy is to promote access to rental housing while Sareb kicks out the tenants to proceed with the sale of the properties. From the Xunta, he affirms, “we consider it surprising that a company with public capital deprives its current tenants of their homes with the aim of liquidating assets.” Especially “when the Government of Spain is in the process of taking control of society,” recalls Vázquez.

Being a regional competition, Vivenda managed to start Sareb last week the commitment not to evict the affected neighbors in Burela, who lived in protection flats. In the case of Narón this figure does not exist. Pilar González explains that after going to court they managed to stop the evictions, but they continue to live in uncertainty. They fear having to go to trial.

After receiving the eviction order, the residents of Narón have been finding out about the network created until the houses went to the bad bank, born after the financial crisis to absorb the problematic assets of the banks and be able to clean up the financial system. “The ownership of the flats has changed hands several times in recent years. The first promoter was Narón 2002 and the last Alquila Homes”, explains the affected. “As far as we know, Sareb has a lawsuit with Narón in 2002,” he says. “At the end of 2019 they became the property of Sareb, I don’t know if because they had debts or why,” he continues. The problem is that the neighbors continued to pay the rent through the real estate agency but they are not clear about where the money went. “I feel cheated, someone has been renting me something that was not their property”, protest the affected. The bonds deposited have disappeared.

After the eviction order, those affected have stopped paying the real estate company and deposit each monthly payment in a judicial deposit. They turned to the town council, which tried to mediate with Sareb. Since then they have been in contact with the bad bank, but they do not trust that it does not want to kick them out. «They began to ask us for documentation, which they do not usually ask you for when you rent a home. We believe that they are trying to show that we are not in a vulnerable situation to kick us out », underlines. Those affected have never said that this was their case. “What I ask is that they respect the contract,” says González. Some neighbors have already abandoned the buildings, but the affected denounces that their apartments have been rented by the real estate agency again.

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