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50% of what happens in the votes of the Benidorm festival. There are five members who see all the details of the performances of the 13 participants of the galas, of which eight go to the final of the event.

Chanel, Tanxugueiras, Blanca Paloma, Varry Brava, Rigoberta Baldini, Rayden, Gonzalo Hermida and Xeinn came out of the first two galas, although one of them, the GalicianTanxugueiras, remained in the last positions, although thanks to the other 50% that gives the public vote they managed to ascend.

The five members of the Benidorm Fest jury are Natalia Calderón, Miryam Benedited, Estefanía García, Marvin Dietmann and Félix Begsson.

This is how the members of the Benidorm Fest jury are

–Natalia Calderon: is a singer, actress, composer and singing teacher.

Her resume highlights her teaching at OT 2020. In addition, she has been one of the Junior Eurovision coaches in the last three seasons, as well as the current vocal coach of ‘Musical A Chorus Line’, produced by Antonio Banderas.

–Myriam Blessed: is a choreographer. He has participated in television programs, movies, series or theater. He has trained on Broadway and among his most outstanding works is having staged the choreography of Edurne in 2015 in Vienna.

– Estefania Garcia: Graduated from the Superior School of Singing in Madrid. He is a specialist in opera and zarzuela, which has allowed him to have collaborated in productions of Mozart, Wagner and Falla, in the best theaters in Spain. In 2007 she joined the RTVE Choir in the alto rope and two years ago she was appointed inspector and coordinator of this.

-Marvin Dietmann: he is a creative and artistic director of television, movies, video clips and theater. Since 2015 he has been involved in the Eurovision projects, where he was in charge of the artistic direction of Blas Cantó in Rotterdam.

–Felix Bergsson: head of the Icelandic delegation and member of the European Broadcasting Union Reference Group. He is an actor and singer by profession. His most relevant role was that of Tony in West Side Story.

How to vote at the Benidorm Fest

In the final, the votes will be similar to how they have been until now. The professional jury will have 50% of the weight, for the other as much of the popular. The latter is divided into the vote of the viewers and other “desmostopic”, a sample of 350 people chosen by the company IPSOS.

The only difference between the two semifinals is that there will be 20 more points to distribute than in the previous ones. Thus, the professional jury will give 270 points among the eight finalists, while the demostopic sample will distribute 135 points, while that of the public will be 135.

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