Abascal offers a “change of course” to Castilla y León “in the face of depopulation and despair”




The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has offered this Saturday a “change of course” against “the governments of the PP and the PSOE in Castilla y León and in Spain, which have been condemning Ávila and the entire region to depopulation and lack of hope; to deindustrialization, to tripping up ranchers, who not only are not helped, but are increasingly put into more difficulties».

Abascal has visited Ávila, where he has reminded the hundreds of people who came to listen to Vox’s message that his formation “has come to the public space to do politics and change things, not the armchairs.”

In his speech, he denounced that «Ávila and Castilla have become the ugly duckling of the state of the autonomies».

«The loyalty of all Castile and the loyalty of León and the loyalty of each and every one of the provinces of this region has not only not been rewarded but have been punished. While the disloyalties, the betrayals of the separatists have received a permanent award».

“It is an injustice and a lack of solidarity that the Popular Party and the Socialist Party have perpetrated one after another and another behind one, when they should have made an agreement among themselves not to sell Spain to separatism,” he denounced.

There will be no “blank check”

“Now it’s too late because have punished the loyal, Ávila and Castilla y León and have condemned them to depopulation, to lack of hope, to de-industrialization, to tripping up ranchers and farmers and they have sentenced young people to exile from their own land, from their own cities», Abascal has also lamented.

In his opinion, the choice is clear, «between immigration or birth rate, we have chosen, birth rate. We want young people to be helped to form a family to have a home, a job, to have industry, to be able to have children».

He also wanted to make clear Vox’s intentions to form a government with another political group. «If a government depends on Vox, if Vox is part of a government or if Vox leads a government in Castilla y León, it will be for there to be a change, not for a change to be frustrated. If our votes are decisive in forming a government, let no one expect a blank check. The Popular Party should not believe that we are obliged to give it the votes. Whoever wants us to give free votes to the PP, should not vote for us, should vote for the PP. We have come here to engage in politics and defend the interests of our country and our compatriots. We have not come here to put 100, 200, 300 Vox positions in the Junta de Castilla y Léon. We have not come to share half of the seats. We want them to change the orientation of Spain’s policies.”

For his part, Juan García-Gallardo, the candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León for Vox, has denounced that «the Popular Party and the Socialist Party are expelling us from our land with asuicidal policies that suffocate the countryside, attack industry and leave families defenseless».

“They also discriminate against us because of this fervor they have for the state of the automomías, a state of the autonomies that have become enemies of the most loyal citizens, who they have made us second division citizens, in front of first division citizens for alleged historical rights that they deny us, despite this being Castilla, one of the great regions of Spain, ”he stressed, reports Ical.

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