Albacete stumbles against Sevilla Atlético and the referee




Albacete Balompié suffered an unexpected setback against the Sevilla FC subsidiary after playing a game with very little attack by both teams, which was resolved in minute 3 of the game. In addition, the team and the public from La Mancha charged against the action of the referee of the match, feeling very harmed by the non-signalling of up to three maximum penalties in the Sevilla area. The game was clearly dominated by Albacete, but nerves were the common denominator in their game, perhaps the product of having conceded the 0-1 so soon.

In the 3rd minute, Albacete made a mistake when the ball came out, by Alonso, which provoked a lethal counterattack by the Sevilla players that culminated in Juanlu defining a very good one-on-one against Bernabé.

In the 23rd minute Fran Álvarez was injured and was replaced by Kike Márquez, who was making his debut in the La Mancha team. Albacete was able to equalize in the 44th minute through Manu Fuster, but his shot went high when he was in a clear position. Jordi Sánchez couldn’t score a goal either, but his attempt was also unsuccessful. In this first half, the public demanded up to two penalties at the hands of the Andalusian defense, but the referee considered that they were not punishable by a maximum penalty, although the hands existed.

After the restart, Albacete Balompié came out very strong, with Manu Fuster and Jordi Sánchez’s boots to tie the match, although the goal narrowly missed the mark. Already in the final stretch of the match, Manu Fuster himself was able to equalize the contest, but he did not have the necessary success. Y already in the discount, there were some clear hands in the visiting area by Juanmi, but the referee did not indicate the penalty spot due to the massive protest of the locals.


Albacete Football: Barnabas; Johannsson, Djetei, Boyomo, Alonso (Arasa, d. 80); Sergi García (Javi Jiménez, m. 46), Fran Álvarez (Kike Márquez, m. 21), Eric Montes, Rubén Martínez; Manu Fuster and Jordi Sánchez (Dani González, m. 76).

Seville Athletic: Javi Diaz; Valentin, Kike Salas, Juan Maria, Juanlu; Capi, Juanmi, Zarzana (Carlos Álvarez, m. 83), Lulo (Kimbaba, m. 83); Luismi Cruz (José Ángel, m. 62) and Santisteban (Peral, m. 53)

Referee: Jorge Diaz Escudero. Murcian Committee. Yellow cards for the locals Julio Alonso, Manu Fuster, Rubén Martínez, Jordi Sánchez and Bernabé. On the visiting side, Peral, Javi Díaz, Capi, Lulo and Kimbaba). Rojas direct to Eric Montes and Fran Noguerol – second coach of Albacete – in the 93rd minute.

goals: 0-1, m. 3: Juanlu.

Incidents: Match of day 21 of Group II of the First RFEF played this Saturday afternoon at the Carlos Belmonte before 5,773 spectators (official figure).

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