Angela Merkel: What is she doing? Lindner’s fiancee gives insights on RTL

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FDP leader Christian Lindner and Angela Merkel in the German Bundestag. (Archive photo) © Tobias Schwarz/AFP

Angela Merkel hardly appears in public anymore. Christian Lindner’s fiancé and RTL reporter Franca Lehfeldt is now announcing new details.

Berlin – Angela Merkel has withdrawn from the public after her departure as Chancellor. The longtime CDU leader is publicly silent on current political decisions of the traffic light coalition and her own party. The former chancellor still seems to be present within the Union, reports Franca Lehfeldt, a journalist and fiancé of FDP leader Christian Lindner.

Angela Merkel: Lindner’s fiancee gives an insight into the life of the former Chancellor

An article for RTL and ntv states that Merkel’s signals still carry weight in the Union. The 67-year-old is currently setting up her office in Berlin, but initially wants to take a longer break. Merkel had also publicly announced this step. She wanted to think about “what really interests me,” she said on the sidelines of a visit to Johns Hopkins University. “After that maybe I’ll try to read something, then my eyes will droop because I’m tired, then I’ll get some sleep and then we’ll see where I show up.”

What role the Union Merkel’s thoughts play seems unclear. According to the report, in conversation with former parliamentary group colleagues, she speaks of “you in the party”. Merkel recently turned down the nomination as CDU honorary chairwoman and apparently did not even want to have dinner with the new CDU leader Friedrich Merz. Merkel is said to have had a small tip against Merz ready for an unnamed Union politician. The native of Hamburg noted that Merz “needed a lot of time and several attempts,” the article says. Merz failed twice in the election as CDU chairman. For years there have been many indications that Merkel’s relationship with her party has been shattered.

Angela Merkel: First public appearance probably on February 13th

Little is known about Merkel’s future plans. Since her retirement from politics, photos of her have rarely surfaced. According to her longtime office manager and confidant Beate Baumann, she is planning an autobiography. To the Spiegel Baumann said in December: “The chancellor doesn’t want to recount her whole life. She wants to explain her key political decisions in her own words, and with reference to her life story.”

Merkel is likely to have her first public political appearance after the end of her term on February 13. The CDU parliamentary group in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has nominated the former chancellor for the federal assembly that will elect the next federal president. The AfD nominated the CDU member Max Otte for the federal presidential election – and thus caused an uproar in the camp of the Christian Democrats. Angela Merkel no longer has to worry about this topic. (as)

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