Antonio Burgos: Covid, the perfect excuse



The thing continues to be more serious every day and not only is there no light at the end of the tunnel, but I believe that there is no tunnel. But it seems as if the Ministry of Health and the Health co-governance of the autonomies are about to play down what is still a pandemic with deaths, although they want to raise the morale of the troops by saying that this is on the way to endemic, that in no time it will be like a simple flu, or like a cold. But since you have to put a good face on bad weather, speaking face to face, you have to watch the game that many cheeky people are taking from Covid as the perfect excuse to do what they want. In a

world more and more unbelieving, we swallow everything instead about the virus and its consequences. Covid has become the perfect excuse not to go to work or to avoid annoying commitments. And more so since they said they were going to give sick leave by phone so as not to overload primary care. Nobody asks you for any paper, unlike the vaccination passport to eat in a restaurant. By the way, when it comes to the passport, I’ve seen that they ask for it in restaurants with a certain hair, where the waiter, very politely, asks you to show it to him. On the other hand, in the crappy restaurants, nobody asks you for any passport. I have made my personal classification and I have come to the conclusion that in the restaurants with ironed cloth napkins they ask you for the vaccination passport, while you can enter the shambles with less papers than a hare in those with paper napkins.

Covid is the perfect excuse to get rid of commitments. The one with extremely boring meetings with annoying uncles and pests that people have avoided with the excuse of Covid! No one checks if it’s true when you say as an excuse:

-Well, I would like to go, but I can’t, because I was with a friend the other day who has tested positive and they told me that I must remain in quarantine at least until Thursday.

What game have the self-diagnoses of the antigen tests given:

-Forgive me for not going with you to that birthday dinner that you have organized for José Manuel, but I did the antigen test and it was positive.

-And do you have many symptoms?

-No, headache and a lot of cough, but I have to quarantine until I get negative.

Nobody checks if you took the test, if the positive is true, nothing. And how many possibilities are there to get away with the excuse of Covid? That you have been with one who tested positive; that your daughter is confined at home and you leave her food at the door; that if you are a population at risk and the doctor has advised you to go out as little as possible… There are excuses for everything. And since we have this reverential fear of Covid, you can face getting out of the way with the excuse of the virus, that no one will check if it is true or false.

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