Aznar enters the campaign and asks for a PP with leadership, which adds the best




The PP does not want anyone to be missing in this Castile and Leon campaign, in which Alfonso Fernandez Manueco is seeking his re-election, but that has the entire party on edge because the consolidation of the national project of Paul Married. (Here is the latest GAD3 survey on ABC about the elections in Castilla y León). Everyone will attend the bugle call: members of the national leadership, barons, spokespersons, mayors and former presidents of the Government. Yesterday the first guest baron premiered, Juanma Moreno, in Salamanca together with the candidate and today it was the turn of Jose Maria Aznar, in Valladolid. Pablo Casado has dedicated the day to Segovia.

One of the risks that the PP faces in its objective of achieving a comfortable majority at the polls is the low involvement in a region that is holding elections for the first time alone.

Yesterday afternoon, Mañueco and Aznar, accompanied by Ana Botella, took a walk around the center of Valladolid, before the rally at the Millennium Dome, with very little electoral atmosphere saved only by the party booths. The party, on the other hand, is mobilized, with its mind set on repeating a victory like that of 4-M in Madrid. This Saturday, in the Dome, the 500 chairs that were set up have been occupied and several dozen people have been left standing.

“It all started with you”

Aznar, who was president of the Junta de Castilla y León between 1987 and 1989, feels at home in Valladolid. “This is where it all started,” they remember in their surroundings. “Everything started with you, the PP started here”, the opening act finished off at the rally, who referred to Aznar as the “lighthouse” of the party.

Aznar continues to excite a good part of the PP and today in Valladolid he swept the popular people of Castilla y León, who have received him with open arms. “I am here because there are important elections for Castilla y León and for Spain, to ask for clear support for a clear project, which is the one that the PP represents,” he assured. “A united, strong, winning party began here, a national, reformist, focused, successful alternative was created in the face of an outdated and failed socialism.” True to his style with messages encrypted in an internal key, Aznar has stressed that the PP has to win to build with leadership: «Building is integrating, not dividing, it is adding, not subtracting, it is joining forces, not dividing, building is designing objectives common, is not sowing division or discord. To build is to lead.

Aznar, who has only mentioned Casado in passing, has praised Mañueco’s leadership because, as he has said, he has known how to surround himself with the best. In another message that sounded like an internal key, he highlighted one of the keys of great leaders: “You always have to call the best, without any reservations, you have to permanently add assets.”

The former president has charged against the lying and false populism, but also against the «incompetence» of the Sanchez Government, whom he has accused of sowing discord and confrontation between the Spanish. Along the same lines, Mañueco had focused his criticism on Sánchez, whom he has accused of “disparaging” this region. The PP candidate has shown his concern at a low turnout and has stressed that the party needs an unprecedented mobilization to win.

Complaint before the Electoral Board

Pablo Casado has dedicated the first Saturday of the campaign to visit Navacerrada, La Granja and Segovia. The president of the PP has warned that he will report to the Electoral Board the announcements about government measures and issues that Pedro Sánchez is making during the electoral period. Specifically, he referred to the announcement that the President of the Government made a week earlier in relation to updating pensions: “Already last Thursday he stepped on the red line by going to Alcalá de Henares to hold an act on pensions and telling the pensioners ‘have you received the payment?’ It is a shame”. But also to the announcement he has made in Zamora. There, Sánchez has reported that in the near future he will take the “materialization of the Montelarreina barracks” to the Council of Ministers.

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