CASTILLA Y LEÓN ELECTIONS: Mañueco, to Aznar: “Everything started with you”




The Popular Party candidate to revalidate the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, thanked this Saturday the former Prime Minister, Jose Maria Aznar, his “legacy” in the place where “everything started” and from which he has promised to recover the «leading role» of Castilla y León in Spain.

In a ceremony held at the Millennium Dome in Valladolid, before five hundred members and sympathizers of the popular formation, Mañueco recalled Aznar’s years in the Presidency of the Government as “prodigious” for “give prestige” to the PP, today being that time “a reason for pride” throughout the Community.

For this reason, Mañueco thanked Aznar for his presence in Valladolid, recalling that «everything started with you” for “illuminating the politics of our country from La Moncloa” and give Castilla y León a leading role that the candidate for the Presidency of the Board wants to recover, because the Community “has contributed like no other to the construction of our country and we want to continue contributing to the politics of Spain».

All this before regional elections that are held on February 13 and in which “many things are decided” and, among them, “what role do we want Castilla y León to play in Spain.” Mañueco has reiterated that «There are only two options: Sánchez’s, with his ineffective and ineffable policies that attack essential sectors of this land, marginalize Castilla y León with European funds and ignore the Community in the General State Budgets; Y that of progress, illusion, the future, modernity, growth and employment for Valladolid and Castilla y León represented by the Popular Party».

And it is that, according to the PP candidate for the Presidency of the Board, “Sánchez’s incompetence is endangering families and companies” by not stopping the rises in electricity bills, fuel bills and the CPI, for what Mañueco has blurted out to the Prime Minister: “Sanchez, do something!”.

The “plague of sanchism”

He also recalled that the President of the Government is attacking a sector such as the automobile sector when «Valladolid and Castilla y León are automotive». For this reason, he recalled that his regional government, in the event of winning the elections on February 13, “will be with all the investment projects of Renault, Iveco, Michelin and now Switch Mobility”, given that “automotive and employment are synonymous with Valladolid and my government is with them.

He has also assured that he is with the citizens and the companies by once again committing the lower taxes and maintain “the best management of public services” in the country, promising “Do not close the offices and shield the Health in rural areas” and, in the case of Valladolid, “expand the social housing stock for young people, the Parquesol residence, the School of Arts and the Miguel Delibes Museum”, as well as, in the province, “modernize irrigation de Pollos and Castronuño, complete the land consolidation of Santibáñez and develop the Industrial Plan for Medina del Campo”, in addition to launching the one for Tierra de Campos.

For all this, however, Mañueco has reminded that he needs a “total mobilization” of the Popular Party because “every vote counts” and suffrage must be “concentrated” in the formation that it directs at the regional level to “Stop the plague of sanchismo” and obtain on February 13 “a strong government alone, without obstacles to be truly effective,” reports Ical.

All this in an act held at the Millennium Dome in Valladolid, where he was accompanied by number one on the PP list for Valladolid, Jesús Julio Carnero, and other candidates and the former Prime Minister José María Aznar along with five hundred members and sympathizers of the PP.

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